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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oprah.com: Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour Review/Headline Discussion!

Oprah.com Community: News about the death of legendary ...


  1. I hope Marti and Davern go on Oprah to talk about their book.

  2. Nice that you removed my post. I'll just post it again.

    Stop misleading people. It was not a "headline". It was the title of someone's thread on Oprah's web site's blog. It's not like the book was endorsed by Oprah's book club.

    What's next? Are you going to begin a thread on the NY Times blog and call it a NY Times headline?

    Now, how long will this post remain?

  3. This blog was created by me about my book, to chronicle interest that follows. The discussion at Oprah's blog was something I thought readers and potential readers might want to see, no matter who "headlined" it: fact remains, it is a headlined discussion in the section of Oprah's website titled "Other books from Oprah's Book Club" -- I felt it "blogworthy" -- and I'm certainly not trying to get anyone to "fall for" anything. The Oprah headline and discussion EXISTS. I didn't create it.
    Here is the link to show the category it is in.

    I didn't "create" anything anywhere. This blog is where readers email me, and my box is always full. Soon, I intend to post a few of those reader messages.
    How can you expect me to tolerate your empty accusations at my own blog?
    This book is not going away. It is going to be for sale for a long time. It is in libraries across the country (Google it!). If that upsets you, contact them, not me.
    This book corrects a piece of Hollywood history that has needed correcting for a long, long time. I stuck to fact and verified it so that no one would have to worry ever again about "falling for something" as was the case throughout all of the previous years of bald-faced lies connected to Natalie's death. If you have something constructive to discuss with me, fact-based, do so. If not, please find someone else to harass.

  4. No one is misleading anyone. Label the Oprah webite post as you please but it's there and that is what Marti is showing us.
    I can't believe how desparate some people are to downplay this book. Why? It is telling them what they don't want to hear. They stalk and troll Marti's blog. Grow up. You are in the minority. Take a look at the numbers at the top left of this page. That gives a example of how the majority who of the blog followers feel.

  5. Thank you, Karissa. Many people who visit this blog do not become "followers" (a term I was never partial to, but that's what Google bloggers' members are called: I'd much prefer the word "member") but many leave email messages, and I can privately see how many hits come to this blog (viewing a profile is different than a "hit"). So, before I'm accused again of misrepresenting anything here, I also want to state that the poll I offered is also regulated by the servers of this blog. It was not tampered with. Of course I realize that a lot can be misconstrued over the Internet but I make it an effort to keep a clean and honest blog. I am grateful to the reader who began a discussion at Oprah's blog, and I am even more grateful to the Oprah staff for allowing it. I won't apologize for listing it at my blog. I appreciate that you can comprehend that. I appreciate you visiting my blog. Thanks you, Marti

  6. I am one of those who regularly visit this blog, but did not sign on as a "follower." As far as I can tell the only reason to do so would be to get some sort of email update notification, which I dont need. The point is that this story is being followed by many, many more people than reflected by the fact that there are only 21 "followers." I find the accusation that Marti is "misleading" people an insult to my intelligence. I am capable of using a hyperlink and seeing what is posted there for myself. None of the posts on this blog has been anything other than factual. The greatest testament to Marti's integrity is that she tolerates these irrelevant and superficial attacks, on her own blog! -- JamesV

  7. So only those who agree with the book are welcome here?

    Many authors welcome criticism. Apparently that isn't the case here. But no criticism makes for a nice, if sheltered and unrealistic, bubble. Enjoy your time in it.

  8. Sheltered and unrealistic bubble? A nice one? Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour is a real life, tragic story about a woman, a mother of two young daughters, who died a horrific death.
    No one has to "agree with the book" to be welcome here, but how can one disagree with documented fact? That's what's in this book: the FACTS!
    Please bring something to the table worth everyone's time is all I ask. There's a huge difference between constructive, fact-based critisism and picking at a post headline. Pick at some facts for a change. Explain why Robert Wagner lied to the police about the broken wine bottle in the salon. Explain why his stateroom was trashed. Explain why it took four hours to call the Coast Guard for a missing wife who was deathly afraid of water. Explain, LOGICALLY, all of Natalie's bruises!
    Come with some facts or valid information to refute anything in Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour, and I will respect that kind of criticism and discuss it with you.
    Truth is, not one person, here, there, or ANYWHERE has yet to present one drop of VALID information or FACT that DISPUTES anything in this book. Not one. The media is certainly not DISPUTING this book. The Wagner court has "no comment" and the authorities aren't apologizing nor disputing with any counteracting facts either.
    THAT kind of quiet speaks for itself. It has double the impact of a media blitz because it PROVES there is really nothing available that CAN dispute it! This book's purpose is to finally present the truth about Natalie's final, tragic weekend, so that the information is available now and for the future. Natalie deserves a voice. Now she has it, and I couldn't ask for more.
    I will, in fact, Anonymous Poster, enjoy "my time with it" for I do enjoy seeing justice served, even if only by book. Truth is truth. It will find its own way. Hollywood history will appreciate this work, even if you don't.

  9. I wish Robert Wagner could be held accountable. Why hasn't this case been reopened? From the time of her death, I always believed Wagner was in some way culpable. I feel so sorry for his two daughters. They are entitled to know the truth.

  10. Marti, congrats on your book. For me it falls into the category of one of those books "you can't stop reading." Fascinating! Thanks to you and Dennis these facts more than likely would have never come out.

    I have lived in L.A. County all my life and have always been pretty disgusted by the attitudes of the Hollywood crowd. Most live in a fantasy world yet are quick to tell us "common folk" what we should believe and and how we should live. Most are not held to the same standards as the rest of us, especially the legal aspects of everyday life.

    I have recently retired from a long time position with law enforcement. It is certainly incredible how this case was swept under the rug because of the "special" few who were involved. Anyone with a elementary level education would know the common person would not have been treated with such kid gloves.

  11. Thank you for your comment, especially from someone with a long time position in law enforcement. it means a lot to me. I know a lot of people in law enforcement who easily see through this case, but they aren't in L.A.

    Why can celebs get special treatment? Sometimes I want to scream out that question! WHY??????

  12. Marti -
    I am fairly new to this site and have been busily trying to play catch up.
    In regards to the wildly negative post of October 21, have you considered that this site and all comments are being monitored by someone, and his friends, paid and otherwise, with a lot to lose, as you and your wonderful book gain even more attention?
    Posting an opposing veiw is one thing, but that attack seemed personal to me.
    Remember, a house divided against itself cannot stand.
    What better way to try and destroy what you have so bravely accomplished than to attack from the inside?
    No one wants to believe that Natalie was murdered. But the facts speak for themselves.
    Let no one intimidate, harass or try to make you feel less proud of yourself for doing something NO ONE ELSE HAD THE GUTS TO DO!
    The sound you hear is my applause. Bravo!!