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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Reads

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  1. I just finished GNGS and as a mother of two girls, the last line on Page 331 took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes (as it was intended to, I'm sure.) I was but a senior in high school in November 1981. Born the same year as my mother, NW was and still is, my mother's favorite actress. Having been exposed to both sides of the Gurdin/Wagner camp for many years, I remain somewhat skeptical about anything re-told second hand, but am a firm believer that nothing is ever as it seems (or reported). And that truth will prevail eventually. Amazingly, the details that creep forward in Ms. Rulli's book create this atmosphere. Credible witnesses have clearly stepped forward and can be verified. My skepticsm dimishes with this knowledge. Dennis could have very well been a hanger-on; but then again, he could also be completely truthful, having experienced every bit of what is written - which, by the way was very well put together and a true testament to forever friendship. But real evidence is gone now, is it not? Realistically, is there anyone out there in law enforcement who would be willing to dig for something concrete enough to bring about an official review and/or charges?

    That said, there are many stars in H-wood who are WAY more powerful than "RJ" - certainly, his influence is gone at this point, no? If the aforementioned does happen, I've just become a FB Fan of GSGN and hope to see a future post: Robert Wagner Has Been Arrested.

    Thank you,
    Valerie Casparian

  2. Valerie,
    Thank you for your comment. The physical evidence in this case, yes, has been tainted, but all three survivors of that fateful 1981 cruise are still alive. Of course, I am a longtime friend of one (Dennis) but I say, HAUL THEM IN! TALK TO THEM! That's all the police would have to do.
    Dennis is willing to cooperate and the authorities have been told this fact. Dennis is willing to allow them to administer another polygraph. Yet, they continue to look the other way.

    What does it take for Natalie Wood's mysterious death to be seriously investigated? After Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour, I see what it would take.
    It would take the help of media (they have the power to pressure authorities, but they don't do it)...it would take fellow Hollywood celebrities to speak up, too, but that rarely happens although Seinfeld has made an indirect statement on Curb Your Enthusiasm (which I appreciate), and it would take the Coroner to yell hell for being fired many years ago for trying to tell truth but that would mean admitting he failed at his job in regards to Natalie Wood's bruises, and it would take the detectives to muster the courage to admit they let this case slip through the cracks but police hate to embarrass themselves, and it would take a good investigative production show such as Primetime Crime, 20/20, 48 Hours or 60 Minutes to recreate the evidence tests presented in GNGS to show how revealing these tests actually are, and it would take maybe Christopher Walken to realize there's no need to continue lying for a fellow actor, and it would take one or all of these things to happen for a more complete justice for Natalie, but in the meantime, all we have is Dennis's polygraphed account and a few amateur evidence tests of mine going in the right direction. Bottomline, all it would really take is a COLLECTIVE interest in justice for Natalie. For now, all we have is GNGS, concerned readers (such as yourself, and much appreciated), and a hope. Truth has already prevailed, but acceptance of it may have to wait for even more evidence to be gone, meaning the three surviviors of that cruise. It's a shame the authorities choose to not question Walken, Wagner and Davern at this very time!

  3. Marti,
    According to the book Walken was asleep. What story could he offer about what happened that night?
    Also, what about someone like John Walsh? He does that show America's Most Wanted. I know RJ and the rest are not at large, but maybe he would be interested in some facts. Also what about Cold Case Files? Maybe something like that would help to bring this to the light?
    Karen A.