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Monday, October 5, 2009

Review of GNGS at Amazon.com

The following review was posted at Amazon.com Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour book page. It was submitted by "Tipper" on Oct. 5, 2009 - click on post title to go to page. (Thank you, Tipper and wife, I particularly like the way you captured Natalie's charm and more)

I was watching a football game when the news of Natalie Wood's death flashed up as a special report. Yes, Natalie's death is one of those "I remember where I was when I heard" type of events. What guy wasn't in love with Natalie Wood? IMO, she had it all over Liz, Marilyn, and all the others not even worth mentioning. Natalie Wood's elegance, spirit, and beauty shone through the most beautiful eyes ever. That's how I felt about Natalie when I was a teen. I saw many of her movies, many while dating, and girls I knew loved Natalie too. Her appeal transcended gender.

Time passed, I grew up, and I didn't think much about Natalie as life went on. I married a woman almost as beautiful as Natalie (my wife is fine with me saying that) and as the years passed, when my wife and myself would be asked: Who is your favorite actress, we both would answer, Natalie Wood.

We were shocked to learn of her death. I think we both mourned that day. I turned off the game and my wife cried. Then we accepted what we heard in the news. She tried to fix the passenger dinghy tied to their yacht, she fell and drowned. Case closed. We did not follow coverage.

Now there is this new book. My wife read it first and insisted I read it. I'm not much of a reader lately, but the tears were back in my wife's eyes for Natalie, so I agreed, and intended to skim through it so we could talk.

I didn't skim. I read every single blasted word and felt compelled to spread the word about this book. I've read the reviews here and I most agree with MysteryArtist: REOPEN THIS CASE!!!!!! I agree with each and every positive review and all of the pro debates going on in the comments. I don't understand the negative reviews because this book is a true page-turner. It is informative, it is thorough, it is locked-up BELIEVABLE!

I don't hand out credit easily. I manage a crew of 40. I keep my eye on the deserving people, the ones who give their all. The credit here goes to author Marti Rulli who spent half of her life working a case that professional incompetents spent a few days on to violate every standard procedure expected of a crime scene. The cops did NOTHING by the book. We should all be so privileged.

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour is one of the most fascinating books my wife and I have ever come across (we both worked on this review). I have no words for this author's sheer grit. The story and details are presented intelligently, comprehensively, with dedication and sincerity, and the results compliment if not exceed the effort.

WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE COPS? If this book doesn't turn your guts inside out, you are remorseless. Kudos to Rulli. Without Rulli, I doubt we would have a Davern. Without Davern, we would've been snowed by the cops, celebrity, and the media forever as we often are. Brave people are behind this book. We commend you all. T&L

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