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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mackenzie Phillips could have provided a polygraph test result:

Tonight I watched Geraldo At Large on FOX NEWS. One segment was about Mackenzie Phillips. She was not a guest. There was a panel, of which one guest was a forensics psychiatrist who questioned the validity of Mackenzie Phillps' recent account in her new book, "High on Arrival" (of a consentual sexual relationship with her late father). The doctor suggested Mackenzie Phillips' story would be more credible had it arrived with a "passed" polygraph attached. He also said that because she reveals her claim after her father has passed on removes the opportunity for her father to respond.

Another segment on this same show dealt with breaking news of the sad case of the missing 5-year old, Haleigh Cummings, in Florida. Police are now questioning the father and his 17-year old girlfriend in this case. The police asked the girlfriend to take a polygraph test, and it was reported that she failed it terribly.

Dennis Davern volunteered for the inclusion of his polygraph test results in our book, and we used a certified, licensed polygraphist with decades of experience in criminal testing. We were very pleased with Howard Temple's qualifications and ethics. He wouldn't allow any word in our format to be "interpretive."

Point: the forensic psychiatrist I saw tonight agrees that a polygraph lends credibility to a person with a controversial account to tell. Also, I point out, in the case of the missing girl to which there is an Amber Alert released: the first thing the police suggested of a suspect was a polygraph test. Police do put a lot of credence in the results of a polygraph test. By any means, polygraph tests are not considered a waste of time by most law enforcement.

Dennis Davern and I did include polygraph test results in our book. We also didn't wait for the other surviving members of the fateful Splendour cruise, Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken, to pass on and thus have no opportunity to respond. We did so in hopes of establishing the truth behind Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour.
I will say again: had the authorities in the Natalie Wood case answered questions and investigated thoroughly, this book would never have been necessary.

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