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Friday, September 11, 2009


There are many newspapers, magazines, and tabloids reading GNGS and planning to write their reviews or stories about it. Our scheduled media release date was to be Sept. 15th, but some publications have scooped the 15th date and have printed their own sensationalized interpretations of the contents of GNGS.
Following is a part of the media schedule that Dennis and I have signed on to participate with.
Pre-released embellished and exaggerated claims of the contents in GNGS have nothing to do with Dennis Davern and myself. You will see that when you read GNGS. Here's ONLY what we are currently scheduled for:

CBS Early Show Sept 15th

Geraldo at Large! Fox from 10-11 PM. Sat., Sept 19th


Sept 16th, 8:50am (Wednesday)
EASTERN, KTRH-AM Houston TX, 15 min, Live, with KTRH
Morning News 15 minutes live

Sept. 16th, 12:40pm (Wednesday)
EASTERN, Lifestyle Talk Radio, 20 min, Live, with The Lifestyle Show, National
20 minutes live

Sept. 16th, 4:30pm (Wednesday)
EASTERN, Sirius Satellite Network, 15 min, Live, with Jay Thomas Show, National
15 minutes live

Sept. 17th, 8:40am (Thursday) EASTERN, Cable Radio Network - CRN National National,
10 min, Live,

Sept. 18th, 7:40am (Friday) EASTERN, WMJI-FM Cleveland OH, 10 min, Live, with Lanigan and Malone Show, 10 minutes live

Sept. 20th, 7am EASTERN, (Sunday)
WIP-AM Philadelphia PA, 30 min, Live, 30 minutes live

Sept 21, 2pm EASTERN, (Monday)
WBZ-AM Boston MA, 15 min, Taped, with The Jordan Rich Show, 15 minutes

Sept. 24th, 7:20am EASTERN, (Thursday)
SiriusXM/FamilyNet Radio & TV, 15 min, Live

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