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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our radio hosts ....

Thank you to the many radio hosts who've talked with me and Dennis about Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour. As it is with the media, many show hosts have a certain way they like to discuss and present stories and events with their guests. Today, on SiriusXM/FamilyNet Radio & TV, on the show Mornings with Lorri & Larry, National Syndicated, the hosts seemed extra perceptive about the subject matter of our book.
Yesterday, on WSPM-FM Indianapolis, IN, while being interviewed by Paul Irwin, I could sense Paul's sympathy for the tragedy of Nov. 1981. He told me he was a teenager when he first saw Natalie on the big screen, and, of course, who couldn't "fall in love" with her?"

On Sunday, 9/20, the show WIP-AM in Philadelphia PA, Conversations with Peter Solomon was different. Host Peter listened intently to a review of what happened the fateful night Natalie lost her life, and was rendered virtually speechless while listening.

I will be providing a link soon to the show taped Monday, Sept 21, WBZ-AM Boston MA, The Jordan Rich Show, because Jordan got right to the heart of the story in our book.

I thank our many hosts and appreciate the opportunity to talk about a story that, to this day, is a tough one to hear about. What I especially appreciate is that these interviews are giving Natalie Wood a long overdue voice.

Thank you

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