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Friday, September 18, 2009

Geraldo At Large POSTPONED

The producers of the Geraldo At Large show have asked us to reschedule as they are still in the process of preparing the segment for GNGS and will need more time. New date TBA

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  1. Marti,
    I was re-reading the postings and realized that I never saw anything about your being re-scheduled on Geraldo At Large. Has that happened yet or, please say no, have they chickened out?
    Why are so many people afraid of the truth?
    Do you have any other television appearances or print interviews scheduled for the future?
    I know it must be a great sacrifice for you and your family but I do hope that you continue with your book signings.
    So many people are still unaware of the facts presented in your book and even the book itself.
    Everyone, try as hard as you can to bring up Natalie, the petition and Marti's book in your general everyday conversation.
    Do what you can to get the word out there.
    Marti has worked too hard, has put her name and reputation out there, for the rest of us not to help and support her in this cause,