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Friday, September 25, 2009

34 Years Ago

Happy Birthday, Dennis Davern. Thirty-four years ago on this day, Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood purchased their new yacht, Splendour, the yacht you helped (as part of crew) to cruise from Florida to Marina del Rey Harbor in California. Your journey is mentioned in Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour, and you never could have imagined what your journey had in store for you. I'm glad for all of your happy and memorable years as the Splendour Captain, and so sorry for the tragic end to that part of your life. Your story is told now, and I more than anyone can appreciate the closure that brings you. Happy Birthday, Dennis, and many, many more. Marti

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  1. This is Michael2288Timothy. I couldn't help but notice that Dennis Davern (September 25, 1948), Marti Rulli (October 20, 1952), the Buddhist scroll (October 12, 1279), the Motherland Calls statue (October 15, 1967) and myself (September 24, 1954) are all Librae. Please view today's Death of Natalie Wood Discussion Forum.