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Saturday, September 19, 2009

TV Interviews

I will know (and post here) soon when interviews we taped will air. All interviewers were extremely respectful and interested in our story. Had the authorities and medical examiner's office worked together and done a thorough investigation in 1981, and/or paid attention to information offered through the years by the three surviving members of that 1981 cruise (as opposed to what they offered to authorities immediately after Natalie's body was discovered), GNGS would never have been necessary.


  1. Marti I thank you for writing this book, for having the integrity to seek the truth and find justice and give honor to Natalie Wood. I was consumed and devastated by the book and it ripped my soul apart. Everyone needs to read this book and I think the world needs to know the truth about Mr. Wagner.

  2. Mike, I thank YOU for your comment. This is a hard story, one a lot of people don't want to hear, and when they do, some don't want to believe the sensible explanation it delivers. It ripped my soul apart, too, for many, many years, and always will. I was never willing to give up, though. I agree, the telling of this story was necessary. I have regrets only for the innocent people it will hurt. It hurts everyone collectively, in many ways, but sadly, that's what truth often does. Truth also is the first step toward healing. Again, thank you. Marti

  3. I heard your podcast on talk forensics and want to commend you on the book and your further research. As a devoted fan of Natalie for many years it is nice to know that someone is out there seeking justice on her death. Natalie deserves it and hopefully we will get that justice in the near future. Paula