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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Book Recommendation

A friend of mine I met over 10 years ago through business has had her 2nd book recently published, an interesting compilation of NJ Pines stories. It's called Voices in the Pines by Karen Riley. You see many bumper stickers in NJ that say "Piney Power" as NJ is not one huge city as the show "The Sopranos" seems to have impressed upon many.
You can visit www.voicesinthepines.com for reviews, signings, products, and excerpts. Karen's book is selling well here in NJ, but Karen's interesting book will fascinate people from all over.
I live near the NJ Pines, and always, always thought about how interesting it would be to interview people about all the tales that have sprung from the core of the Pinelands and Barrens. Karen got the job done: you'll really appreciate her approach and the captivating stories from the people who actually live near or are "Pineys" ... check out her website. I highly recommend it.

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