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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Countdown to release date

Official announcements are now starting for GNGS. Hope you might catch an article or report in the media.
Please click on my email address above, martirulli@gmail.com to ask any questions. I will try to respond promptly. I look forward to September when I can finally discuss the book with readers. I've been told that some of the online book purchasing sites are getting their shipments soon. Thus, you might receive the book faster by mail than from in-store.
Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour has been an incredibly long time coming, a compelling journey through the decades, and a story that should have been told long, long ago. Again, I look forward to receiving your comments. Sincerely, Marti


  1. Hi Marti, glad to be a member here, just to keep up with what I'm sure will be a successful endeavor. I agree, this is long overdue. I look forward to your book. I received my Amazon notice today that your book will now ship. I am so excited. I read the wonderful reviews at Amazon. I am jealous I haven't received my copy yet. I can't wait to write my own review. I have never reviewed a book before. I'll try my best. One day, I hope to meet you at a book signing. I wish you the best. Tony

  2. Thank you, Tony, for your comment. I look forward to your honest review. Sincerely, Marti