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Monday, May 11, 2009

Barnes & Noble.com - Book Search: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour The following review went up at Barnes and Noble book link today. I thank T.A. Gabriel. Other reviews will soon be posted after the other first readers receive their first editions. Review:

Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour, from the title to the final, is a stream of insight and quality. I've read the previous Wood biographies and no one has told the histories of Natalie and RJ with such comprehensive readability! Do we really need all that excess found in other books about who was standing where when Natalie sneezed? No! And Rulli doesn't bother us with it. She gave us all we need to know in one chapter about Wood/Wagner careers, and then Davern's anecdotes show us the rest: the real people behind the glitz.
Rulli starts us off with the search then quickly moves to a list of scenarios and sensationalism surrounding Wood's death and implements plain common sense to put rumor in its place: Wagner and Powers killed their respective mates so they could be together? Blather, Rulli tells us. Then Rulli proceeds with nothing but net!
The entire tragic weekend is then experienced. You will think and feel like you were there! You will be in RJ's bedroom with Davern, as Wagner's attorney tries to settle them into procedure. You will see Lana standing behind the bar, too choked to speak. You will hear and feel Natalie's mother spit her venom at Davern.
Rulli humbly credits all of her help. The "sock girl" who she barely knew. Her friend who chastised her, yet propelled her into action. "Mama Moon" who cared about Natalie's fans. It is precious the way she befriended Lallier over "ducks" but the revelation is heartrending as well as mind-blowing. The Wood historian who keeps Natalie's memory alive. Credits abound! As for Rulli and Taylor's involvement…it is immaculate.
There are no conspiracies here. Rulli respects her friend Davern beyond all reason...she stood by him for the sake of friendship. Endearing and moving. Rulli and Davern are a combination like you've never read before!
As for Davern's friendship with his employer, Natalie, it is believable beyond all doubt. With his every move, Davern helps us to understand a lot about Natalie Wood you’ve never read before. This book is a must read. I am so fortunate to have had a preview read. I can’t wait to see the candid photos to come! And, if you have questions after reading this book, I promise they will be dear.
T. A. Gabriel

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