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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day: Natalie Wood singing and dancing in the sky

She was so talented.


  1. Of course, that isn't Natalie singing in that version. Only Natalie's voice on the intro on "Your're Gonna Hear From Me" is heard. The rest is a voiceover. Her dancing is adorable--so petite and cute!

    Her voice is SO plaintive and heartbreaking in the intro:

    "Everyone tells me
    To know my place
    But that ain't the way I play

    Why I am daring to show my face
    Because I've got something to say"

  2. Oops, I misspelled "you're!"

    I realize that Natalie didn't have the greatest singing voice ever, but she wasn't horrible, although they did the voiceovers for her in "West Side Story" and "Inside Daisy Clover." But I have to say that she had the most incredible SPEAKING voice--so eloquent and beautiful to hear. I could listen to her all day long. Just mesmerizing...

  3. A great Dory and Andre Previn song. Even though she was dubbed, by Jackie Ward, Natalie did a wonderful job on this number.

  4. The person who created this video (I'm so glad YouTube allows and encourages sharing!) titled the video "Natalie singing and dancing ..."

    I realize Natalie was dubbed, yet I agree she really could carry a tune and stay in key. Mostly, what I like about this video are the lyrics, too.

    ..."You're gonna hear from me...."

  5. Hi, Marti:

    I know that you knew Natalie was dubbed. I guess my point was that Natalie could've carried her own weight, but they felt it necessary to do a voiceover, which is a shame. I know that it disappointed her.

    And yes, the lyrics are striking: "You're gonna hear from me!" We have to make sure of that, since we are all her voice now.

    I am going to send you a private e-mail about something that happened to me. It has to do with "us being her voice."

  6. I agree, Marianne. Just recently, for the first time, I heard the West Side Story song sung in Natalie's voice, and she was rather good! Studios have changed. Thank goodness for that! I will look for your mail.

    PS: I knew you knew :-) I just wanted to clear it up for all that the person who creaed this video titled it (I added Happy V-day...and I hope everyone has had a nice day).

  7. I love hearing Natalie's voice, whether it's her speaking or singing voice. I wish they hadn't dubbed her. Her singing voice adds a poignancy and sensitivity to the piece--dubbing just undermines that.

  8. Natalie's voice wasn't used for the film but she did sing the song and you can find footage of it on YouTube. Her real singing voice was used in Gypsy and The Affair.

  9. Marti, The lyrics "You're gonna hear from me" relate well to Natalie's story. They say that the dead speak to us. Well, I think if Natalie's case is investigated properly, those in charge will find much to interpret--even this far removed from her death.
    Natalie is still waiting.

  10. She's reminds me of a little PIXIE....she is simply adorable. My favorite Natalie movie...INSIDE DAISY CLOVER!

  11. She moves with such ease and grace, I agree.

  12. Natalie lives on: in the sky, in our hearts, on film, forever!

  13. I'm with you all on this, I love to watch, listen to all of Natalie's movies her voice and even her singing voice, I have her on my ipod singing along with all of my favorite songs. And she could move with so much grace, I don't think there is anything she couldn't do, so much talent.
    Thanks for sharing this video Marti.
    and thanks to all.