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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Natalie Wood Autopsy Bruises: Rear


  1. Marti,
    I see on this diagram a note about 'sharp scratches' on Natalies' lower left leg. Was it ever determined if they were perhaps fingernail scratches? The dingy, I believe, not being a person who knows very much about boat(s), was made out of rubber. Even if it is true she was trying to board it, do you know if there was anything on the dingy that could have made those scratches? The more answers you and Dennis give us, the more questions we have because we are finally getting the truth! Thank you.

  2. I have wondered about those scratches, too. I think that in GNGS, Dr. Taylor speculated that they could've come from fingernails, a ring, or a watch. (I can't check my book right now because I let a friend borrow it.)

    If you look at old photos of Robert Wagner, he was ALWAYS wearing quite a bit of jewelry besides his wedding ring. I usually spotted at least one bracelet, a watch, and an extra ring or two. (And of course to go with that snazzy, open-shirted 1970s look, he usually had a necklace or two.)

  3. and don't forget those ascots he wore with his opened shirts.
    He always wore a watch and an ID bracelet. He wore a pinky ring on his right hand.

  4. On that part of the body (ankles), I can't imagine how scratches could be present ... very unlikely from the dinghy... nothing I or Dennis can think of on the dinghy would cause sharp scratches. Again, this is another mystery question forensic experts should have been brought in for. Dr. Lyndon Taylor believes that the facial abrasion came from the non-skid surface. He believes, had forensic experts tested the abrasion, they would have found non-skid applicant on Natalie's face, even after having been in the ocean. Something or Someone was at Natalie's ankles!

  5. I've been intrigued by this case for yrs.,i've read every book about her i can find,including the one by Dr.Nogouchi.I have no "hard"pre concieved notions about Robert Wagner,but..something does'nt add up.IMO,the case should be reopened.