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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog Talk Radio Show "Three Wise Girls"


DENNIS DAVERN WILL ALSO BE JOINING ME as a guest on the show "Three Wise Girls" Blog Talk Radio Show at Noon (EST), Thursday, March 11th. I will be interviewed by Debbie Barth. You can click on the link to view the show's blogspot, where these three interesting women call themselves ""A team of superheroines out for poetic justice!" Hope you will listen in. 


  1. Marti:

    Please answer these questions when you get a chance:

    1) What did Dennis Davern's polygraph cost?

    2) A "little bird" informed me that your publisher refused to let you include Natalie Wood's autopsy photos in GNGS. The "bird" felt this was bad advice and so do I. There is nothing like seeing the location and quantity of Natalie's bruises there on the autopsy. What was the publisher's reasoning for omitting these pictures?

    3) On pg. 17 of GNGS, you say, "Powers had just been consoled by Wagner as she grieved for Holden." How do you KNOW that Powers was being consoled by Wagner? Because the master of lies, Robert Wagner, told Dennis or someone else?

    Thanks for your input.

  2. Hi Truth Seeker,

    1) Total cost was about $2000, but Howard was very kind, and that was discounted... Dennis's test was much more involved than the polygraphist had expected, but he was so intrigued, he donated the extra time needed. Our actual costs neared $2000, and we paid for the tests ourselves. Polygraph rates, depending on amount of questions, vary. A standard fee for one question is anywhere from $350 to $700.

    2) The publisher did not refuse to include the autopsy photos. That was my choice out of respect for Natalie's daughters and sisters. The photos are available online. That was enough for me. I agree, the photos are crucial to the case, but were not necessary to prove words in a book. I didn't falsify those bruises. It was the CORONER who marked those bruises on the diagrams...the SAME bruises Dennis SAW! There are 25 or more of them. Size and type are all indicated, too. Maybe I should post them here at the blog? I could do it more privately here. Only those who want to see could look. It is only diagrams, not actual phots. The actual photos are filed. I beleive only a court order can get to them.

    3) It was widely known by studio staffers and their mutual friends that Wagner and even Natalie both displayed genuine sympathy for Power's when Holden was found dead. Powers was extremely upset over Holden's death, and work had to go on because they were nearing a holiday hiatus. Wagner was very sympathetic toward Powers on the set and off, but, apparently, so was Natalie. Wagner more, of course, because he was spending 12 to 16 hour days with Stef on the Hart to Hart set. He would make sure she wasn't alone for dinner, etc, and it was just a natural thing. This was well known. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that Holden's death was purely accidental.

  3. 1) Yes, polygraph tests aren't cheap. I presume Dennis Davern took a "specific-issue" test.

    2) The "bird" that told me of your publisher's choice is a friend of yours and you might set her words right. Her recent words to me were "Marti did not include the autopsy photos on the advice of the publisher. They gave her some very bad advice."

    Of course, the autopsy diagram/photos are available online but some readers are not going to take the time to search for them. I think it was very important to include those "pictures" in the book. I see no disrespect at all to Natalie's family to include them but in a way I do if they are omitted. There is no proof these bruises do exist with "words in a book." By displaying the autopsy "photos" not only is skepticism dismissed but readers can see for themselves that Natalie Wood died an even more tragic ending.

    3) Marti, supposition and hearsay is all you have to convince that Wagner consoled Powers. Just because "RJ" spent a dozen or so hours alone with "Stef" in no way means that he was consoling her. Powers had every reason to be UPSET after Holden's death! OMG! You probably will never believe that Natalie took a secret to the grave but boy did she ever!

  4. And how is this a forum for the Powers/ Holden thing?

  5. Truth Seeker:

    I'm not sure that I understand what you are implying with the Powers/Holden thing. What is the secret--that Holden's death was not an accident, and Natalie knew that?

    Stefanie Powers confirmed that both Wagner and Natalie attended a wake for Holden. I think it was at her house--not sure about that, though. She said that both Wagner and Natalie were very supportive, as Marti stated.

    Of course, it adds ANOTHER bizarre facet to Natalie's story that she was about to die very soon, also due to excessive alcohol use. But unlike Holden, Natalie was dead because of someone else's being completely plastered.

  6. Yes, the autopsy diagrams are online, and I've seen them. But I don't need to see them to believe what is in GNGS.

  7. Truth Seeker,
    Please let me clarify about my choice to not use the autopsy photos in the book. When I received Natalie's autopsy report (anyone can purchase it) I cringed while looking at just the diagrams. I was astounded at the nurmerous bruises indicated over her entire body, primarily the legs and arms. I did talk with the publisher about perhaps using the photos and they discouraged it, too, so my friend is telling you the truth...it was discouraged. Ultimately, though, it was my choice, and I just couldn't bring myself to include them. I didn't believe that readers would question what I dictated from an actual medical examiner's report. No publisher would have allowed me to write about the dozens of bruises if, in fact, they were NOT indicated on an actual, OFFICIAL report. The publisher's legal department has the autopsy diagrams on file as does the original medical examiner's office. I agree that graphics do support words, that's why so many graphs are used in business ... but I still felt uncomfortable including those autopsy diagrams in GNGS. So did my publisher.

    As for Stefanie Powers and William Holden, I know only the basics about their relationship. If it in any way factors into Natalie's death, I never came across a connection, and I believe that's because there is none. Ultimately, to search for any possible connection is the job of investigating authorities.

    In writing GNGS, I could only present what Dennis Davern saw and heard as a participant of that fateful cruise, and as an eye and ear witness to the circumstances surrounding Natalie's death. He was my primary source. He was there. His account was polygraphed. Dennis's account can only give us a picture of the activity before Natalie was in the water. It speaks volumes. What went on in Wagner's head is impossible to prove.

    I assure you, there are many, many rumors, innuendos, and "stories" and accounts I've encountered. Some have come from credible sources, but I cannot prove all that I heard. ONLY the verifiable information was and will be included in what I present in GNGS.

    I do not have only supposisition to verify that Wagner was a comfort to Powers after Holden died. Everyone who worked with them witnessed it, and so did Dennis. It would have been a natural thing to do: to offer sympathy and maybe a little extra attention and support at a painful time in his co-star's life. And, as for after Natalie died, Wagner and Powers were closer than ever ... but they were not romantically involved. They leaned on each other for support in their friendship. It was genuine.

    As Marianne astutely points out, there is a huge difference in Natalie's and William's deaths. HUGE. I do agree that it is a huge coincidence that two popular co-stars of a hit TV show lost their respective mates at such close intervals, but it is Natalie's death that I have information about from a person who was there.

    I will include new information from the Coast Guard Lieutenant who retrieved Natalie's body from the ocean in the paperback version later this year.

  8. Marti, I will be very interested to see your paperback version with the new information. At the same time, I know that it will send me into another depression.

    Thinking that Natalie was alive for hours and hours is just horrid. And it underscores the evil of Wagner sitting there, drinking Scotch and intimidating others into not calling.

  9. Marti

    You did not include them in the book but where is the website you say has her autopsy photos?

  10. I posted the diagrams for all to see right here at this blog. There is no question that Natalie had acquired many bruises in a struggle for her life. The bruises were not there before she went to her stateroom. They were there when she was found. All of these bruises from one fall? Dinghy? Water? Fight in stateroom? What makes the most sense?