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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cyber Stalking Article

Here is a link to a comprehensive list of what constitutes CYBER BULLYING, STALKING, and HARASSING.  I've cut two of the informational items and pasted here, but the article is a good one about protecting yourself from Internet stalkers who think they can remain anonymous. Their actions are AGAINST THE LAW and easily reportable. I will report anyone who stalks this blog, harasses its commentators, etc. Their Internet providers will be notified along with the law. Yes, there is an increase in this type of activity, but the law IS cracking down and eventually will do something about it. Report those who harass you! It only takes a moment.

Computer Crimes: Are You Protected?

Cyberstalking: Similar to regular stalkers, cyberstalkers attempt to monitor their victims and find information by contacting people they know. Cyberstalkers may attempt to illegally gain access to a person’s computer to read their emails or monitor their online activities. They frequently harass their victims by contacting their friends, colleagues, online contacts, etc., to either defame them or to gain pertinent information about their personal and professional lives.

Harassment: Online harassment can consist of threats and repeated abusive emails or electronic communications that intend to harass or harm the recipient. Cyberbullying is one example, and incidents of children being bullied on social-networking sites is on the rise. Posting defamatory content online -- whether on sites like Facebook or elsewhere on the Internet -- can also constitute harassment.

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