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Monday, November 21, 2011

A publicity Stunt?

Natalie Wood Publicity Stunt? Experts Say New Inquiry Won't Lead to Charges | Reuters

Experts again, making their claims. I think now is a good time to allow the new generation of detectives to do their jobs, and we'll see at the end of the new investigation for the reopened case what results will come of it.

There are many in the media seeing right through the convoluted information being presented at a rushed pace in an attempt to understand this complicated case. I commend them, and am confident, whatever happens this time around, this case is in good hands.

I am pleased Mr. Wagner claims in his public statement that he welcomes the case being reopened. Thus, I assume that, like Dennis, he's now willing to cooperate and maybe even encourage his colleague, Christopher Walken, to work closely with the detectives.

His further insinuation, that he hopes the "new information" isn't from someone trying to sell books, is an odd statement, a rather insulting comment to the department, yet, still, it is his ONLY comment referring to GNGS made to date.

Someone once said "timing is everything." I agree, and that is why, since 1983, we have tried to tell the story that is finally being heard widespread. No matter the outcome, true justice for Natalie will have been sought.


  1. I've noticed some people making insinuations that it is a publicity stunt due to the anniversary of Natalie's death and the anniversary of "West Side Story" - all from people who clearly not read GNGS or any in depth information about the case - they are going by Wagner's "version" of events. I doubt he is as supportive as he claims - the last part of his statement through his spokesperson is indicative of that. He seems to be saying that everyone is out to get him, to make a profit. If anything, people have tiptoed around and complied with his wishes for too many years, even when he has lied and some are willing to give him a free pass - Rasure being a prime example, yet you and Dennis are constantly being accused of being money-hungry. I hate the fact that Wagner's celebrity has helped him escape blame and responsibility all these years. But I know you and Dennis worked hard to achieve the reopening of the case and I hope it was not in vain. Thank you for everything you have done for Natalie.

  2. Why doesn't anyone believe Dennis!? Because he lied in the beginning - at Wagner's insistence? And what about Wagner and his lies? Why does everyone believe him!? Now the bottle is broken not because of "bad seas" but "because I broke it?"

    Hopefully Hollywood will want to truth no matter how much of a "star" Wagner is. Let's hope that JUSTICE will be served.

    I TOTALLY, for one, BELIEVE Dennis Davern's story! Thanks to Marti for bringing this story to life!

  3. I believe in the "collective conscience" theory, and that explains to me why this case will not go away, despite Wagner and the spin machine, until the truth is out. It's remarkable that the general consensus, no matter what age group is speaking, is that upon first hearing of the death, everyone senses that a big lie has been told.

    Here's what I want to know:

    Were any shoes missing from Natalie's closet? Did any shoes ever wash up on shore?
    Was anything found in her red coat pockets?
    Was her purse still on board?
    Was she wearing undergarments?
    An explaination for the old bruises and the newer deeper bruises on her wrists (from the autopsy report).
    Dennis needs to be more accurate in his sense of time. What does "a little later" mean in real minutes? About 5 minutes or 10?
    What, exactly, did RJ say to Dennis during the long hours before he called in for help? What were they doing during that time frame?
    Why didn't Marilyn, et al, turn on their search lights when they heard someone calling for help? Or, at the least get into their own dinghy and check the source of the call?
    What reason does RJ have for not turning on his search light or calling immediately for help? What is his explaination for this odd behavior?
    Who heard someone say, "You're a star, now swim?"
    Since the dinghy was tied up by two ropes, one on each side of the 12 foot expanse of the aft deck, who loosened them?
    Why did the people from the restaurant come out to the Splendour that night? What was said?

    It doesn't matter if anyone believes you or Dennis, initially - people do believe hard facts and truth will out.

  4. Read the Book, Coyote. That's the ONLY way to understand this story. Until you and the media talking heads read the book there will be nothing but guesswork and conjecture of the facts. They exist in the book. Read it. You'll be glad you did.

  5. I just watched a recap of this morning's The View online. The only one who I have any respect for now is that Sherri Shephard woman. The other 3 especially that mouthy BITCH Joy Behar need to be punched in the face.

    One thing they said was "Her sister Lana and widow Robert Wagner support the investigation" but they don't mention that Lana said she believes Dennis' account!

  6. I just watched that Angel, the insinuations that it's all about the money is getting old. The ladies on the View as well as many in the media are not informed about this case.
    I'm sure they know RJ as they probably travel in the same circles.
    Kill the messenger is an old tactic. Hopefully the truth will prevail this time. I believe it will do to Marti's and Dennis's tireless pursuit for justice.

  7. Wagner has been on The View before, but he never really talked about Natalie, more about his alleged "affair" with Barbara Stanwyck. I think probably some of those ladies thought of Wagner as a "heartthrob" back in the day, and are probably fooled by his deceptively "gentlemanly" exterior.

  8. Hi I just finished your book and I have a question about Natalie's blood alcohol level, if I remember correctly it was .14. Thats almost twice the legal limit for a DUI in Florida. Now if the theory is true, that she was floating alive for maybe 4 or more hours, wouldn't her blood alcohol at the time she went in the water have been much higher? Clearly alot more was going on that evening then the public was initially led to believe, and unfortunately alcohol and water can often be a very dangerous combination. Thanks for the thorough job you did on the book!

  9. Hi Marti,
    I just finished reading your book and I just want to say you did an excellent job. My question is towards the end of the book when you recap all the events leading up to Natalie ending up in the water I don't recall you mentioning the fact that Dennis heard RJ telling Natalie to get off the f..ing boat. Did Dennis indeed hear that or not? Thanks and Thank you for seeking justice for Natalie

  10. I am so mad that the media keeps repeating Wagner's misleading words--the new opening is for the sake of selling the book.

    First of all, it is valid to write and publish a book when trying to speak out for almost 20 years, and no one had paid attention.

    Publishing a book is the best way to let the truth out. Take me as an example. If not because of the book, I would not have known the truth. And the book certainly has achieved its intent--reopening the case.

    Hi Marti and Dennis, please keep fighting. We will support you. The truth must be taught on behalf of Ms. Wood. Even though Wagner may still get away legally, his horrible act must be revealed for the whole world to know. This is another form of punishment he deserves and it is never too late.

  11. Lana says she believes Dennis because "he has never lied to me." That says a lot. I wonder if Marilyn Wayne still has that note?