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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Officially, the Natalie Wood case is reopened.

From: LASD - HQ Newsroom (SHB), Los Angeles County Sheriff

On November 29, 1981, actress Natalie Wood Wagner drowned while boating off the Isthmus of Catalina Island. At the time, the drowning was investigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. The drowning was ruled an accident.

Recently Sheriff’s Homicide Investigators were contacted by persons who stated they had additional information about the Natalie Wood Wagner drowning. Due to the additional information, Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau has decided to take another look at the case.

Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Homicide Lieutenant Corina at (323) 890-5641. If you prefer to provide information Anonymously, you may call "Crime Stoppers" by dialing (800) 222-TIPS (8477), texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or by using the website http;//lacrimestoppers.org

Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau - Newsroom
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


  1. This is great new's it's all over the internet and is going to be on my news at 11:pm tonight. Great work Marti. Thank you. Pam

  2. I'm so thrilled beyond words! Thank you Marti, Dennis, Lana and everyone who contributed for all their hard work. Let's all hope that it will be successful and the truth will finally be revealed for all to see. And then we can truly say, "Natalie smiled, justice has prevailed!"

    Did anyone read Robert Wagner's "statement" through his spokesperson? He's trying to insinuate that the information and those who brought it forth are not credible, yet is saying he is supportive of the case being re-opened. Yeah, right. What else could he say? I hope he's scared. He should be.

  3. Exactly Muirmaiden, what else could he say? As usual those words were put in his mouth.

  4. Wagner's defense is so flimsy--that will be the extent of it. "Someone is trying to profit. How unfortunate!" Rubbish!

    If it weren't true, then why hasn't Wagner sued? He hasn't made a PEEP until now. He has sued very easily (over the "Charlie's Angels" issues (more than once). He readily sues. Why wouldn't you sue if something were NOT true and so potentially devastating? That's right--he can't because it IS the truth.

    CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS TO MARTI! We are SO proud of you.

    I can't wait to read and see the news and other shows about this tomorrow. It's the leading story of the Los Angeles Times tonight. And now there will be far more people tuning into "48 Hours" next weekend--perfectly timed. This is going to pick up STEAM!

  5. Wagner's book (and ego) will prove to be his undoing. The inconsistencies are going to be delved into more. Thank goodness for his "Pieces of Rubbish." It will be his downfall.

    Gee, and he was thinking of writing a SECOND book. He might have to put that on hold--he'll be tied up with other things now. LOL

  6. Just saw the great news! SO SO SO HAPPY about this!!!!! After reading your book I was just sick that she never got the justice she deserved. How could they miss so much. Can't wait for tomorrow to see what they have to say about all this. Thanks for your great work, for caring about finding the truth and for sharing it with us and the authorities to get this back in the spotlight so Natalie can get justice and finally rest in peace.

  7. Marti,
    The ignorance of these facts would have continued without your continued commitment to see justice services. Thank you.

  8. I cried like a baby tonight. Thank you Marti!

  9. Thank You - Marti and Dennis



  10. WOW Marti, its all over the internet, I just watched the Today show and I did not like how that guy attacked Dennis. You where great. Pam

  11. Congratulations Marti! Your efforts on behalf of Dennis and Natalie made this moment that seemed impossible to finally happen. Although nothing can right the wrongs of the past, at least blame may eventually be placed where it deserves to lie. You were the first one I thought of when I heard the news. Best wishes, Sharon (Channeling Ricky).

  12. I think Dennis sounded evasive about answering the questions on the Today Show. BUT I realize that he may have needed to be indirect about his answers because of the new statements that were given to the LAPD. Then I watched the LAPD announcement on TMZ and they were "evasive" too. They didn't want to talk about any details at all, and one of the journalists complained about that fact after the press conference. (A blonde who said off-camera something like, "They didn't tell us anything different from the press release. They didn't give us any more details at all.")

    Of course, I have a feeling there's a reason for the LAPD and Dennis to sound "evasive" -- they know from history that RJ will do whatever he can to protect his own interests. The less *he* knows, the more likely the truth will be discovered and documented without his meddling.

    One of the questions asked during the press conference was (paraphrased), "Could the captain be charged with a crime for admitting on national TV that he lied to the police in 1981?" I'm glad they asked this question. I hope Dennis isn't charged with anything, and I don't think he will be charged, but it shows the world that Dennis has a lot to lose by going public with this information. He's *admitting* his wrongdoing in order to get the truth out. That makes his story more credible.

    I was truly shocked when I saw the news on Twitter. I saw that "Robert Wagner" was trending on Twitter and I assumed he must have died, so I clicked on his name. I couldn't believe it! All of Marti and Dennis' work is paying off. I don't know what the future holds, but young people who've never heard Natalie's name are now learning of this story. There is hope for some measure of justice.

  13. Dennis can't be charged because of the statute of limitations.

    Dennis was in Florida when he was interviewed, David Gregory was in NY. That is why there was silence before every question and response.

    I doubt that there will be more details for quite some time.

  14. I'm so sick of the Wagner defenders who clearly know nothing about the case or Dennis. They think Wagner would be truthful because he's a celebrity. Really? They accuse Dennis of wanting to make money, of waiting 30 years, so it's obvious they haven't done any in depth reading. I hope the LAPD does a full and proper investigation this time and are not swayed by Wagner's celebrity or money. I know his power has faded over the years, but considering his age they might go easy on him. I guess I would be happy even if he was found liable for Natalie's death in a civil suit, but a trial is what this case warrants. I know it will be painful for Natasha, Courtney, Evan and Lana but the truth needs to be revealed and justice served this time.

    Marti, I give you, Dennis and Lana my full support and encouragement. You've all worked so hard to achieve this and I pray that your efforts will not be in vain. Justice for Natalie!

  15. Roz, I'm referring to the fact that David Gregory asked the same question four or five times and Dennis didn't really provide a clear answer to it. Marti provided most of the information during the interview that, IMO, most viewers will be able to understand and relate to.

    I felt that Dennis' hesitancy to answer David Gregory's main question made Dennis appear dodgy -- but let me clarify this is what *I* felt and others may not agree. (As an aside, I have *never* been a fan of David Gregory...) I also know from reading GNGS and following this blog for a year that Dennis *must* consider his words carefully at this point so that the newly-reopened investigation isn't jeopardized.

    Let's hope the light continues to shine on this case.

  16. In actuality I view Mr. Davern as a hero of sorts for enduring the years of trauma resulting from the covering up the facts of his dear friend’s death and not cracking totally up. I would not be surprised to learn that he may have suffered from PTSD for all these years that he attempted to compartmentalize the truth of what happened that night. Add to that his shame and regret of allowing himself to be manipulated by the killer/former employer/former friend. It’s a testament to his character that he is standing up for Natalie.

    I was very disappointed in Gregory’s very poor display of journalistic/interview skill set yesterday. Gregory must be obtuse – I knew none of the facts of this case yesterday morning yet it was clearly evident to me that Mr. Davern had no ulterior agenda or scheme to make money. Does Gregory know that your book was published nearly 3 yrs ago? He owes an apology to the viewing audience for being so ill-informed and of course to Mr. Davern.

    I have never believed the poppycock story that we were all told 30 yrs ago and I am thrilled that the years of extensive hard work and investigation by you & Davern’s persistence has evolved into a new police investigation. I’m not sure that this isn’t a first or 2nd degree murder & a pre-meditated cover-up and hopefully will be charged as such. I would even accept a voluntary manslaughter charge. I just found this site last night and read for a few hours. You write well and your investigation is of a high level and is impressive. You have a new fan! Now I intend to order your book straight away.

  17. I believe that all 3 men must be investigated. I do hold all 3 culpable for no activation of search lights, not notifying the coast guard for some 4 hours etc. To my way of thinking unless someone was holding a gun to my head no one could have stopped me from taking all possible actions to rescue poor Natalie that night. I do however; hold her husband to an even greater level of accountability as HE was the only person that was present when Natalie went into the ocean that night. No one will ever convince me that she independently slipped off the boat into the ocean or any other flimsy story.

    I do believe that Mr. Davern may have been intimidated by Wagner. I say this not as an excuse for his substandard and poor conduct in an emergency situation but to me it’s believable.

    I believed every word of Marilyn Wayne's accounting of what she heard that night. I find Roger Smith’s statement that if timely action had been taken that Natalie would be alive today very credible. As an avid scuba diver for 38 yrs and an emergency room RN for 35 yrs I know that he is correct.

    I read much of Tommy Lightfoot Garrett’s coverage of this case today and initially believed that you had selected very well in choosing him for exclusive coverage. I found him through your book blog which has the link to his site in several places. I am very perplexed by his most recent entry. Marti, have you read it? The following sentence confused me: “The promises from Rulli of never forgetting the Hollywood insider, publicist, six-time author, actor TV host and Aussie radio commentator and journalist (myself) who created the buzz and brought attention back to this cold case has long been forgotten.” There’s a very negative tone that I am confused by as you have repeatedly written about his excellent coverage of this case.

  18. Then there's this: "And, did Marti Rulli share this information with the two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. detectives she met with at her home in New Jersey almost two weeks ago? Rulli came into (possession) of Natalie Wood’s own diary and (unfinished autobiography, by the late Natalie Wood) through a relative, who received it in some boxes that belonged to Natalie Wood. However, perhaps the best thing to have done, would have been to return the journal (in Natalie Wood’s own handwriting) to her husband (Robert Wagner) and daughters, and not to use the late star’s own words for profit later on. Perhaps we’ll hear more about this in a few hours? Time will tell." What is your take on his last post?

    Marti, the blog on your parents was very touching. I can not believe how many monumental losses (and so close together) that you & your brother experienced at such young ages. Your mom would be so very proud of you!

  19. They need to look into the death of stefani powers lover William Holden who also had a freakish accident the same month and year as woods. Hart to hart was hitting hard on tv at the time. Powers and Jill st.John knew each other since childhood. Guess who Wagner married shortly after wood's death? Wood died on 11/29/81 Holden on 11/12/81. Both were supposedly alcohol related.

  20. Dear Rulli and Dennis,

    I salute both of you for your courage and dedication to let the truth out.

    Ms. Wood deserves the justice even after 30 years.

    The truth must be told. It is never too late.

    It has paid me since I understood how Natalie had died during that final hours--in the dark cold sea all by herself.

    The MONSTER--Robert Wagner's horrible act has to be revealed for the whole world to know. If he will not be punished legally because of the stature of limitation, he has to be punished in the public opinions.

    He has not shown any remorse considering after his act he immediately cut off his relationship with Natalie's family. He caused them to lose their beloved daughter and beloved sister, he should have done everything to compensate his horrible crime. He rather chose to keep distance from them for self-preservation.

    What a monster jerk Wagner is!


    In my previous posting, I meant to say "It has pained me," not "It has paid me."