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Monday, November 28, 2011

People Magazine

People Magazine's Dec. 5th issue included an excellent article about the case reopening. I commend them for quoting accurately. Available on stands now. Here's an online report.

Natalie Wood: Robert Wagner Responsible for Death, Alleges Boat Captain : People.com



  1. Marti, I just finished reading your amazing book. I don't know if this is the right spot to post a question. I'm puzzled by the photo in your book of the location of boats moored off Catalina Island on Nov. 28,1981. Were most of those boats there when Natalie went into the water? With so many so close together, why couldn't she get to one for rescue? I know you said the currents went out to sea and that Natalie didn't swim much. But in your swimming pool experiment, you could move your arms a little. It looks like it wouldn't have taken much to get to one of those boats. Did fear paralyze her?

  2. Wilma,
    That photo was taken at a later time, merely to show the area, and position where the boats involved in that evening were located in relation to Splendour. It was a rainy weekend on Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 1981, so there weren't many boats moored in the area, but there were several boats not very far away from the Splendour.

    Marilyn Wayne claims her boat heard the cries because they were a sailboat with a silent generator. Most boats were closed-up because it was cold. At that time of night, on a regular summer evening, many people may have been on their decks, but not that cold weekend.

    Natalie would have been helpless to swim against the tides and currents at that time of night. She was pulled out to sea, and left in a horrible situation because if she removed the coat to be able to swim (which she couldn't do very well), she would have had to struggle. The coat floated her, and she must have realized it served as a life preserver It may have also insulated her a bit. The coat was most likely her only hope of survival. It is very difficult to maneuver yourself with a down coat on in water, but it does offer complete buoyancy.

    Thank you visiting my blog, and most of all for reading GNGS. I wish some of the so-called experts out there giving there opinions would read it. I did my best to cover all the aspects of Natalie's final weekend in it. Again, thanks.

  3. Marti, I understand your obsession to get to the truth about Natalie. I have so much respect for you and I, while reading GNGS, feel Dennis' pain. The load he has carried is unimaginable. I have about 50 pages left to read. I truly pray that justice can be done, even after all this time. I have always felt I knew the truth of what happened to Natalie, but for me you have proved it. You were relentless, to your own detriment and I applaud you. I loved Natalie and always felt an afinity to her. Dear God, May Justice be done and May Natalie Wood Rest in Peace. So Be It. Thank You