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Saturday, November 19, 2011

48 Hours Mystery

I wrote the producer and commeded the intriguing segment. I found myself captivated by the story as an objective, everyday viewer might...it was almost as if I wasn't even watching myself or Dennis.

I applaud 48 Hours choice to be fair and include many of the peripheral voices in this story.  I saw the care taken: there was sensitivity, fairness, intrigue, mystery, NEWS, and most of all, TRUTH. When Dennis and I interviewed, I saw up close what tremendous time and effort it takes to produce such a brief segment.... hours upon hours per each minute! What was especially appreciated, something I really wasn't sure would be shown was the portayal of Natalie as the iconic legendary actress she once was and will remain through her trail of classic work.


  1. Oh I can't wait for 10pm I even got my vcr to work lol, I called my family to let them know, by this time my Mom and sister have gotten to watch it. I have been watching all the News coverage, what seems to be ask a lot is why wait 30yrs, if they have to ask that question then they have NOT read your book. And the bottom line is it doesn't matter how long it took Justice wasn't served then and it's happening now. Thanks to you and Dennis and everyone who have signed the petition. Pam

  2. Dear Marti,
    I can't thank you enough for all your years of devotion and research into what really happened to Natalie. It is because of you,Dennis and the strength, courage and determination of you both that Natalie may finally have the justice and peace she deserves. Years ago I obtained a copy of Natalie's autopsy report and studied it endlessly. When I read your book, I wept because it was exactly as I had imagined it. I am heartsick over the pain and terror Natalie endured and the fact that she was robbed of a lifetime with her children. Yet,I am overjoyed that the case has been re-opened. Please tell Dennis that everyone who loves Natalie is proud of him and supports him. There will always be detractors but the truth will not be stifled any longer. You are both in my prayers. May God bless you, Dennis and our beloved Natalie always. Forever grateful, Lizzie

  3. I awakened this morning very disappointed that I missed the program last night.

    I just saw it online and it was very well done.

    Makes you sad - all over again.

    CBS - in addition to the Vanity Fair piece is showing individual interviews with Marti, Dennis and Mr. Crowley at:


  4. Dear Marti,
    I am glad that the police have re-opened the investigation, justice for Natalie at last!
    Whilst reading all the newspaper articles on this case, the one statment that keeps on appearing is that if the coast guard would have been notified sooner, he could have saved her. I would have tried to save her myself.
    Hopefully there will be justice for Natalie, that is the least she deserves.

  5. Marti,

    I imagine that you must be exhausted after this whirlwind of media TV spots but also thrilled that a real investigation is finally be conducted.

    I am hoping that you will respond to my inquiry regarding Tommy Garrett's latest entry on his News Magazine site. Why did he blind side you? I am disturbed that he did this to you. Thanks in advance for some word from you about this.

    I'm a new fan to your book blog. I left a comment on your blog post of the 17th about