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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A classic film with legendary lead actress

I can only imagine Natalie Wood would have been thrilled and honored on this day that a 50-year old film would be the feature of the day in 2011 theaters.


  1. I believe she would be too, got my tickets already so NO standing in line for me. This will be a first time that I get to see my favorite actress on the big screen, I'm thrilled and honored I get too. Enjoy tonight Marti I will. Thanks, Pam

  2. WOW! what a sweet treat this was tonight, my eyes never left that big screen. I enjoyed watching the movie that goes without saying but to see Natalie Wood bigger then life up there on that screen made me so happy. My God she was special I don't think I have seen another actress even come close, I will never forget this night. Thanks. Pam

  3. This was my 10th Natalie Wood film that I saw on the big screen. Excluding B&C&T&A, I saw every movie of hers between SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL and BRAINSTORM. This was a special treat for me because it was among her top five films, of which I've never seen any in a theater.

    I saw the film on a large theater screen in Rancho Mirage,CA and the theater was about 70% full. Most of the crowd was over 40, which matches the local demographic. I overheard some say that they had seen the movie when it first came out in 1961. There were a few moments of applause by the audience, the biggest ones for "America" and for the conclusion of the film. I could hear some sniffles in the audience at the last scene after Tony's death, the film still creates such an audience's response.

    Prior to the film there was a discussion hosted by Robert Osborne about the film. The most interesting detail was by Marnie Nixon who revealed that originally there was to be an electronic synthesis of her voice and Wood’s but that in the end the producers decided to go with her’s alone. Wood was so upset that it created a couple of weeks of difficulty from her in the production. Nixon also stated that she also did a voice over in the dialog in the end scene where Maria bids Tony farewell. It was also refreshing to see some credit given to Wood by Osborne and Chakiris, she often doesn’t get any acknowledgement for this performance.

    The quality of the newly restored version is excellent, but I was surprised that a few insignificant scenes seemed to have missed the restoration process.

    I hope TCM continues with more of such events, seeing classic films on the big screen is so much more of an experience than on television.

    Michael B

  4. I regret that I couldn't go--I had a medical procedure scheduled for that day, and I couldn't get it rescheduled. I have never seen Natalie on the big screen. I can only hope I get another chance. It must've been FABULOUS to see her. My eyes would've been transfixed! How mesmerizing she was--her looks, her voice, everything.

  5. Pam, so glad you got to see it in the theater. I'm sure it was really special. I saw on the Today Show the other day some members of the original cast and what a shame Natalie isn't here to have participated.

    Michael, up until just recently, I had never heard Natalie's voice singing her WSS tunes, and now it's up on YouTube and I posted it here a few posts back. I really liked her voice and IF she was upset, I don't blame her. As a matter of fact, I think if they hadn't dubbed her, it might've lent a certain quality of believability to the film. After all, not every young girl in love with a gang member has a pitch perfect voice. But in those days, studio heads still ruled and made decisions that weren't always the smartest. In any case, it's a classic film and will remain so until the end of time. It has been re-produced on thousands of stages in schools across America. In fact, our local high school presented the play a few years back and I printed the booklet and advertised for it. I got to choose the cover, and of course, I put Natalie on it. She was the stand-out star, IMO.

    Marianne, of course I was an impressionable 10 year old when I first saw Natalie on the big screen, but she did more than impress me. I was a 10 year old mesmerized instant fan. That was in GYPSY, but then I saw Inside Daisy Clover and Sex and the Single Girl. ALl the other movies, I saw on TV. She became my favorite actress. Little did I know then that I would end up dedicating a good portion of my life to a woman I knew only through a connection to her on film, and through a good friend of my own. I have no regrets.

  6. I was lucky enough to catch this on the big screen that night. It was a sold out theater with people of all ages (myself, 20, being one of the younger ones!) It was absolutely THRILLING to watch the dance numbers - America, Cool, Dance at the Gym, etc. The energy given off by their performances made it hard for me to sit still. Each song ended with a roar of applause from the audience. It was just incredible. As for Natalie, words fail me. Her beauty blew me away in a way it never has before. Sure, I've seen the film on my tv dozens of times but as a giant on the screen, her beauty just radiated even more. She definitely made me cry at the end. What a night.

  7. Such a beauty!! What fun to see her just like new audiences did years ago!!