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Friday, November 25, 2011

On The Grid Talk Radio Interview, Sat. Nov. 26, 10 AM

I will be the featured Guest for On The Grid Internet Talk Radio show, Saturday morning, Nov. 26, 2011.
The title of the show is “Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour - What Really Happened? .”  The show is  one-hour in length, starting at 10:00 am EST and ending at 11:00 am EST.

The website URL is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/onthegrid.

I will post the interview at this blog for future listeners. I'm looking forward to this in-depth interview about the case reopening with Debbie Barth and crew (Debbie Barth, Joyce Bagley - Co-Hosts/Co-Producers). During the show, there will be brief commercial breaks. They will also be taking calls from listeners. There is always someone in the chat room, putting up links and interacting with listeners.




  1. Can't wait. Thanks for posting. Pam

  2. Marti,

    We are looking forward to having you on our show tomorrow. Just think, a year ago ... March 2010, we talked on another show that I co-host, about the hope that this case would be re-opened. And now, a year later, the reality is that this case has, indeed been re-opened. Finally, people are listening ... because of you and Dennis. Perhaps now, the truth will be known ... justice will be served ... and Natalie will be at peace.

  3. What clues have been overlooked at the scene and who is beling interviewd now in addition to the stock broker & Mr. Davern?

    Does this list now include Paul Miller, Noguchi's deputy on the staff of the LA County Med examiners office and departmental cheif consultant on ocean accidents, an Annapolis graduate and President of the California Sailing Academy at Marina Del Rey who was in his schooner, moored ....to the same buoy Wagners yacht was moored to on the night Natalie Wood went in to the water and drowned....the same individual that interviewed the folks on the Splendour...

    Does this list also include Noguchi himself....or the medical examiner Noguchi dispatched to the scene Pamela Eaker..

    What can Mr. Walken reveal now?

    I'm sure the actual list of folks who will or have already made the short list will include many more than those I mention here....

    But will this new investigation reveal verifiable clues by actions taken dueing the months and years following the loss of Natalie Wood...clues that eventually paint with subtle colors the picture of a particularly premeditated act....

  4. Good interview, in spite of everyone talking over themselves at times. But all the points got in.

    Something very important should have been mentioned at the end when Natalie's whereabouts were discussed; what excuse Wagner would always say, the banging dinghy theory, her fear of water, etc. The point should have been driven home that he himself told her to get off the boat while they both were standing out on the deck. Moments later she would end up in the water.

    I wonder how Robert Wagner would answer the questions coming from the investigators?

    1. "Mr. Wagner, Dennis Davern stated in sworn testimony that he heard you order your wife off the boat. Do you remember saying that?

    2. "Mr. Wagner, a lady by the name of Marylin Wayne, who was in a boat nearby the Splendour, heard a distinct cry of a woman in the water saying, 'Help me, someone please help me, I'm drowning.' Do you recall hearing anyone calling for help out in that water?"

    3. "Mr. Wagner, this same person also heard a man say in a somewhat aggravated slurring manner, 'Oh, hold on, we're coming to get you.' Any idea who that could have been?"

    What would he say that would convince these investigators? How is this going to end? Surely, we'll know soon.

  5. surfcourier

    because Wagner said in his public statement that he welcomes the investigation, I hope that means he will cooperate with the authorities and hopefully answer the questions you point out.

    However this ends, I'm glad Natalie is getting this measure of justice...it's so long overdue.

    Thank you for your interest...I thank everyone for support and interest in this amazing development for Natalie's case.