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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Natalie Wood: Detectives will interview captain as a first step Part 1 O...


  1. This was a very compelling interview. I appreciate the fact Dennis was able to have time to piece things together and give precise answers without being butted in on. She displayed a polite and understanding demeanor.

    My heart was going out to Dennis while listening. I'd give anything to be able to put my around him and reassure him it's all going to work out ok. He obviously has been hurt, frustrated, and angry for a long time. It seems there may be some overiding concern in his mind about his safety. A little apprehensive maybe? But, I'm going to believe a great relief is coming his way, and he'll be able to turn a new chapter and go on with his life. God bless you Dennis, my friend.

  2. In 1983 Noguchi writes in his book "CORONER":

    1. Noguchi and Paul Miller, were together on a fact finding mission in 1978 ...in Millers schooner ...on the same holiday weekend...in the same bay where NW's body was found....

    2. The same Paul Miller, also a deputy on the staff of the LA County Med examiners office and Noguchi's departmental cheif consultant on ocean accidents, an Annapolis graduate and President of the California Sailing Academy at Marina Del Rey was in his schooner, moored ....to the same buoy Wagners yacht was moored to.... on the night Natalie Wood went in to the water and drowned.

    We know this was never an ordinairy story.....it is clearly well beyond that