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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amazing errors still prevail in Natalie Wood case

http://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/king-coroner-natalie-wood-death-confidential This National Enquirer article includes some accuracies and some errors. Ironically, but not surprisingly, many witnesses from the weekend Natalie died have always told varying accounts. Some have said the water was rough (including Wagner), and some have said the ocean was calm. Some say there was loud partying into late night, and others claim it was a quiet, slow holiday weekend. Some say Wagner was frightenly drunk and others claim he drank little. Some have said Natalie was in the dinghy alone, and others say differently. A coroner says she was weighed down by a down jacket, but others know that's not likely. It is differing accounts such as these, as each person's recall varies and tends to create further questions, which makes it so difficult to gather facts. Thus, in a professional investigation, what occurs is that the investigators listen to all the varying accounts, sort through what can be proven accurate or not, and then what is left and what is reasonable becomes the logical deduction, especially in a 30 year-old case. Because Natalie was so famous, some people want in on the historical event of her mysterious death simply to be a part of it. All I can do is smile when I read lines like, "after months of rampant speculation, the case was quietly closed." The many things needing to be sorted out relating to Natalie's death ARE being sorted. And now Noguchi is back. I wish I had known what I know about him now before GNGS was published. Dr. Lyndon Taylor, my "Island source" witness who was moored near the Splendour the Thanksgiving weekend of Nov. 1981 is the best of the best of them, in every scientific and intellectual way possible, in providing data surrounding the case. My "party of four" witness, Dennis Davern, who spent the entire weekend amongst all that transpired, and passed a certified polygraph test for his account, are the two people worth their truths and facts in this sensationalized, tragic event. I'm glad I trusted these two and believed them. While I presented others' accounts, it is the accounts of Lyndon Taylor and Dennis Davern which remain most valid. I'm glad the truth about the weekend Natalie perished is available in GNGS.

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