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Friday, September 14, 2012

Audio Tapes Reveal New Information On Natalie Wood’s Death « CBS Los Angeles

Audio Tapes Reveal New Information On Natalie Wood’s Death « CBS Los Angeles

48 HOURS airing this Sat. night on CBS is based on private recordings belonging to author Suzanne Finstad she made while researching her Natalie Wood biography "Natasha." Suzanne involved herself with extensive research while writing her book but NEVER spoke with the ONLY eye and ear witness to Natalie's final hour aboard the Splendour. Dennis Davern did NOT participate with Finstad's efforts. Thus, her book was published using hearsay accounts of some people she secretly recorded. Thus, her secret tapes are worthless to the ongoing investigation, but of course will make for interesting TV.

Dennis and I interviewed with 48 Hours last year and most likely they will show parts of Dennis's interview where he was open and honest about his account of the tragic night Natalie died. Finstad was unable to provide Dennis's account about the night Natalie died and although her work is appreciated for its effort, it is not valuable to the investigation. The authorities involved with the reopened case have Dennis Davern's full cooperation, who did not and will not participate in any further media interviews until the case is determined. The only reason Dennis and I released our book or involved ourselves with media over the years was to try to get the case reopened to begin with, and then after it was reopened, to try to keep the facts in line. Everything else is speculation and, although interesting, not pertinent. What IS a fact is that the LASD is working diligently for Natalie Wood, the VICTIM whose death is now in undetermined status. In 2001, Finstad called me, pleading for the facts for the ending of her book, I supposed because even she sensed she didn't have all the facts. We saved the sensitive facts for the LASD, and never once shared them with the media. Patience is key. The LASD is doing its job. Natalie Wood's death is in good hands.    

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