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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Compelling Natalie Wood Panel: An absolute MUST SEE Video

Natalie Wood: A Life and Death Foreshadowed (2002) - Suzanne Finstad, Lana Wood & Marilyn Wayne - YouTube

Sorry I couldn't seem to share the video right here at the blog but the link will take you directly to YouTube. This is a panel discussion with Suzanne Finstad, Lana Wood, and Marilyn Wayne, held on Oct. 11, 2002. It's an hour long, but every moment is worth viewing and listening to. Natalie's "mystery autobiography" is explained and even quoted from (yes, the same one I've been privy to). Marilyn Wayne tells a compelling story, the same story she has always told, but in this deliverance, she is most thorough, and the comparisons between her explanations and Dennis Davern's explanations of the emotional baggage of knowing what they know and why they did not immediately come forward are chilling. Even Suzanne, author of the excellent biography on Natalie, Natasha, claims the restaurant patrons and workers noticed the same dynamics transpiring with RJ and Natalie that Dennis has always exactly described. This is a worthy hour.

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