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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TMZ Report

Natalie Wood Case -- Boat Captain Suggests Cops Could Be Withholding Info | TMZ.com


  1. Glad to hear from Dennis and hope that he's right. Just don't read the nasty comments below. Granted, there's only a few of them, but they are calling him a drunk and saying he's trying to sell a book (hate how the media is depicting GNGS and its authors). And notice none of them call Wagner a drunk, and he had a huge drinking problem. Why should he get a free pass? Sickening. Thank you Dennis and Marti. We shouldn't give up.

  2. The people who leave those dumb messages know nothing about the case. Hopefully, the contents of the of the official police report will be made public. The people who attack Dennis will see how drunk the fair haired Robert Wagner was and how he lied and how Walken lied and how their lies occasionally collided, how Dennis was obviously told what to say and what not to say.
    The comments made on those websites are meaningless, made by people who know nothing about case beyond some of the erroneous articles that appear on the Internet. There was an article in the LA Times that stated that Wagner went to search for Natalie in a speedboat. There was no speedboat. That was one of the earlier lies that was told. That was in Gavin Lambert's book. Ignore the foolish comments based on the multitude of lies told.

  3. Marilyn Wayne was great on Inside Edition last night. She had the courage to say what many people are thinking. Right now, the LASD is not looking like a unit, and we can only hope they will explain what's going on, but we may have to wait.

    What people say about Dennis and myself is irrelevant. The case is in good hands.

    1. Marti,The case was in good hands 30 years ago until celebrity justice took over,I hope that isn't happening again. With as much evidence the LASD has about that night, I can't beleive Wagner still hasn't been held accountable if nothing else the act of not calling the coast guard for four hours and lying to impede a police ivestigation.