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Monday, January 9, 2012

A photo of Jill, Stefanie, and Natalie when children usually resorted to when asked about Natalie: as if it explains something.


  1. YES, Marti! "As if it explains something" is dead-on. I know that I repeat myself, but this is one of the things that really angers me. Wagner uses this ballet class photo as a way to garner sympathy as well as to deflect suspicion from him, in addition to avoiding a critical question that he simply doesn't want to answer--ever.

    He lets people think that Natalie and St. John were lifelong friends. This is EASILY refutable! But people who are not discerning lap it up, and I can see him wanting them to think how lovely it was that he found love again with one of Natalie's "lifelong friends." Surely, Natalie would not object to that. If she didn't, who would?! Who's to question their relationship? The fact that they went on a date on Valentine's Day, seven weeks after Natalie perished? The fact that the girls had St. John forced into their lives while they were still reeling with grief over their mother?

  2. Sorry-- I didn't know where to post this, but I think it's critical news. Tonight (January 10, 2012) it was announced that investigators found (again) Natalie's death to be accidental. How stupid do they think we are?? I am disgusted but not surprised. I suspect the investigators wanted to "let sleeping dogs lie" (lie is right), and good ol' W. (don't like spelling out his loathesome name) got away with murder. After all that evidence!!!???? Is this a cover-up or what? I'm very disappointed. All that work you did. But at least it brought it out in the open.