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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I agree :-)

Latest Amazon Review of Wagner's book:(A perceptive one) By Ed Ray - Pieces of My Heart: A Life (Paperback) I was disgusted with the vulgar crude offensive language Wagner used in this book. I was interested in Natalie Wood and the night of her drowning. On the dedication page Wagner dedicated the book to his three daughters,His mother,His sister and Jill - The wonderful women who have been the meaning of my life. No mention of Natalie? It seemed strange to omit Natalie who he wed twice and was with on the last night of her life. He did talk about her in the book but for the most part the book was lewd and disgusting. I had previously read Good Bye Natalie Good Bye Splendour written by Marti Rulli I strongly suggest that book for any one wanting to know the truth about Natalie Wood's death. As for pieces of my heart ,It's Pure garbage save your money.

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