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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I also agree

Another Review: This following 3-star review of GNGS is appreciated. I fully realize why some people would get frustrated with the way I told the story of how I learned all the details about Natalie's death. I decided to tell the story the way I experienced the story as I actually wanted the reader to comprehend the frustration I experienced. I endured disappointments and frustration for over 20 years! Anyone annoyed with the way I told about it is experiencing what I experieced. Only thing is: it takes only a few days to read a book. I went through the "soap opera" drama for over two decades. I appreciate that this person "gets it" -- what happened to Natalie is truthfully told in GNGS and I appreciate this review. By mea - Verified Purchase This review is from: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (Hardcover) I recently purchased this as a used paperback. I received a hardbook in very good condition for the price I paid for it. I do believe the author did a very good job putting the story together as it was told to her by Dennis Davern. I did have a problem with the soap opera way the story was conveyed to us (the public). Every 10 years or so he would divulge another piece of his story. What I found shameful was the fact that three men onboard the yacht that night let a beautiful woman drown. Because I feel they all were guilty of a crime whether they were drunk or not. Shame on the police for accepting their story at face value. There should have been a thorough investigation at the time. Hopefully they are doing one now.

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