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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Information is widespread

There is plenty of information across the world wide web about the breaking news last Friday that Natalie's case status is to be changed from accidental to undetermined. The LASD is remaining tight-lipped because they still have an open case to work, but the intrigue about Natalie's death grows, and I hope one day we, the public, are offered some type of answer that brings some closure. Of course, I see progress. If the death certificate is changed, at least Natalie's death will be classified more accurately. Her accidental status was based on quick theories alone. Her death deserved "undertermined" from the start. Of course I've been reading all the articles and watching the videos during this period of interest. Of course I've had little else on my mind, but then, tonight over dinner, the fog was broken by my five-year old (soon to be six) grandson, we call Gooch. I haven't cooked for the past few days so tonight I made something I haven't cooked in years because I'm not really a fan of red meat: a London broil with mushrooms and onions. Sides were red potatoes, corn, dinner rolls, and like his older brother, Gooch likes applesauce with dinner. As we were finishing, Gooch said, "That was all good." When we asked what he liked best about the meal, he answered, "The chicken." The little things. Wish Natalie could have been able to experience more of them, especially as a grandmother. I like when she is remembered, but the LASD needs the time and space to finish their work. We will have to stand by their final conclusion.

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