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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Excerpts from Amazon Reader Reviews and Interesting facts about book "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour"

Best-selling True Crime Author, Ann Rule, recommends Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour at her web site recommended-reading page. http://www.annrules.com/

CNN's Nancy Grace supports reopening of Natalie Wood case. Justice/Cold Case Report:
Sister, yacht captain want Natalie Wood case reopened - CNN.com

A petition was started to reopen the Natalie Wood case: you can sign at:
Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition

From Sept. ’09 to Dec ’09, GNGS stayed popular in the top 10 to 20 of three Amazon categories, Actors and Actresses, Entertainment Biographies, and True Crime. Since Jan 2010, GNGS has been in the top 100 of those three categories almost daily. GNGS has also sold consistently in top 100 of two categories on KINDLE. GNGS has stayed between 95% and 80% of page viewers who purchase product.

As of April 24, 2010, GNGS has received 54 AMAZON reviews, 34 five-stars, 8 four-stars amongst them. Half of the reviews have comment threads attached. Ginger Blymyer’s review has over 560 comments (Natalie’s hairdresser who wrote “Hairdresser to the Stars”)

The following Amazon review excerpts are newest to oldest, and come from various parts of the USA.  You can read these readers' reviews in full at
Amazon.com: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour (9781597776394): Marti Rulli, Dennis Davern: Books

Thank you to all who've read Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour and to those of you who took the time to review this important book:

5-star review by C. Klyne (Gloucester Twp, NJ) – April 14, 2010  (1 Amazon review)
I couldn't put this book down once I started to read it.  I hope that justice will be done.

4-star review by 70’s survivor (South Dakota, USA) – April 8, 2010  (45 Amazon reviews)
Great Book, Dennis & Marti. You did well.

5-star review by JM - March 29, 2010 (10 Amazon reviews) 
Of all the written and stated accounts of Ms. Wood's death, Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour leaves me with the most justified feeling of accuracy.

5-star review by “elsbeth1234” (SF Bay Area)  March 21, 2010 (5 Amazon reviews)
I had thought it would be a cheap book that was just thrown together -- how wrong I was. Rulli is an excellent writer and researcher, not to mention a dogged believer in the truth; together with Davern's disturbing memories of that night, a book of astonishing revelations was written that throws new light on what happened. I definitely recommend this book,

5-star review by Marianne - March 11, 2010 (1 Amazon review)
As I read "GNGS," I experienced a tremendous range of emotions--deep admiration and caring, dread, despair, shock, and outrage. …
Simply stated, "GNGS" has affected me like no other book I've read.
… Ms. Rulli has persevered in a most remarkable and admirable way, determined to shine a light on the life and death of a glorious lady who did not deserve her fate. Ms. Rulli has my utmost respect and gratitude for what she has done for Natalie and for what she continues to do for her.

5-star review By Ginger Sugar Blymyer (Meiner's Oaks, Ojai, California) Feb 26, 2010 – (8 Amazon reviews) (560 comments at this review…a discussion forum)
Reading this book I could understand that the things I sensed in my last conversation had propelled her (Natalie) to a need for change.
I believe what Dennis has described about the weekend.

5-star review By JenSam (New York, NY) - Feb 8, 2010  (3 Amazon reviews)
This book presents enough evidence to get you studying the case … it is intriguing information. You leave the book wanting more . . . And isn't that the best definition of a good book?

5-star review By Blessingwisher (Texas) – Jan 22, 2010   (6 Amazon reviews)
I read the Finstad book about Natalie … slower reading than this one. This book is very well written, contains some interesting anecdotes about the Wood-Wagner home, and their friends. I do recommend it highly, and I pray that it MIGHT lead to something that would force the foolish authorities to re-open this case.

4-star review By Ter (Ventura, CA) – Jan 13, 2010  (15 Amazon reviews)
I've read this book twice in a very few days, and I'm still left with a distraught and haunting feeling about it

(Most favorable review) 5-star review from M. Hill (Colorado)
Nov. 12, 2009 (89 Amazon reviews)
The story is now haunting me and I can't seem to shake it. I am struggling with the injustice and the lack of publicity regarding the new information. Will this compelling story which quietly slipped into view without much fanfare, soon slip away without any serious investigation? This book contains one of the most chilling examples in Hollywood history of apparent celebrity misconduct along with one of the clearest examples of what happens to us when we ignore our moral compass. I sincerely hope this isn't where the story ends.

5-star review By Jennroom (East Coast) – Nov. 9, 2009  (8 Amazon reviews)
I wish I ran the department that served no justice to this fabulous actress and mother of two. I'd whip them into shape. I'd have this frozen case thawed and I'd make them lap up every bit of shame they deserve due to their negligence

5-star review By Veiled Reviewer – Nov. 4, 2009  (2 Amazon reviews)
This is THEE story, documented, fact-checked, polygraphed, and told by an eyewitness to the events leading to Natalie becoming missing from a safe and secure yacht she thought was her escape from the busy Hollywood life.

5-star review By Sarah Diamond (USA) – Oct. 16, 2009  (1 Amazon review)
This was an extremely fascinating book. If you like a mystery, it's better than the Da Vinci Code. I have always followed the Hollywood scene pretty closely. If you, too, like celebrities, their lives and mysteries, you will love this book.

4-star review from Deston Lee “Yorkistrose” (Rockford, IL) –  Oct 12, 2009 (5 Amazon reviews)
Authorities need to reopen this case and do some REAL investigating this time. … I recommend reading the book with an open mind. My first impression when I picked it up was that perhaps this Davern just wanted to make some money off celebrity. However, after reading the book I am convinced that has little if anything to do with it.

5-star review By Natalie (USA) – Sept. 21, 2009  (53 Amazon reviews)
I have read every book that has ever been written about Natalie Wood. It has been rumored for years that Davern was writing a book. I am so glad Davern and Marti Rulli finally finished the telling task.

5-star review By Gateway0052 – Sept. 7, 2009  (1 Amazon review)
…having spent time on boats myself… I FELT the sea breeze, I HEARD the water splashing against the hull, I SAW the ocean and the beach.

5-star review By N. suarez (Los Angeles) – Sept. 7, 2009 (1 Amazon review)
This book is mostly important because it points out the TERRIBLE and HORRIBLE job that was done in the investigation of Natalie Wood's death. Rulli does a great job with her amateur investigator role.

5-star review By LoriC (Morristown, TN) – Sept. 6, 2009  (2 Amazon reviews)
GNGS is honest, heartfelt, and riveting. Marti Rulli's and Dennis Davern's determination to tell Davern's firsthand account, in its entirety, of the Natalie Wood tragedy met with predictable resistance at all levels: … But the authors did not compromise the truth--it resounds across every page.

5-star review By Jeanne (USA) – Sept. 1, 2009  (53 Amazon reviews)
Cold Case Squad....where are you?

5-star review By Tony Grace – Aug. 26, 2009  (1 Amazon review)
I can honestly say that no other book has ever given me the physical reaction I experienced while reading this one. I was literally shaking at certain points.

5-star review By “meandmypal” – Aug. 21 2009  (5 Amazon reviews)
Many books have been written about Natalie Wood, the movie star. Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour gives us Natalie Wood, the woman …
This book is filled courage, heart and truth. Natalie deserves no less. It's long overdue.

5-star review By “moviemusicman” – Aug. 21 2009  (13 Amazon reviews)
Once I started, I could not put the book down until I finished.
Thank you Marti Rulli for giving Natalie a voice. A voice that rings with absolute truth. We who love the lady are indebted to you.


  1. This is a compelling list of review quotes. Thnx for posting it. I'm buying your book today. I always loved Natalie.

  2. Hi, Marti:

    Good to see you here with a new post! That list is a testament to your extraordinary work!

    It has now been four months to the day when I first picked up GNGS. Since then, not a single day has passed that I haven't thought about Natalie and her story and felt some heartbreak over it.

    For those who don't know, Natalie will be the featured star on Turner Classic Movies in June. Over 20 of her movies will be shown. You can get the schedule at their website. I hope that her being featured will propel even more people's attention toward what actually happened to Natalie, and they will discover GNGS. What a dear woman she was.


  3. Hi Marianne, thank you for your comment. I will definitely mention about TCM featuring Natalie, here and everywhere. Yes, she was really something -- unmatchable! I haven't seen any of her movies in a while so I'm going to plan to watch the entire month of June. FYI: I'm still very busy for Natalie. Again, thank you, Marti

  4. Hi, Marti:

    I know you're still very busy working to help Natalie. I am looking forward to the paperback version of GNGS coming out, although I know it will break my heart all over again, especially with the new information about her last hours.

    I am very much looking forward to the TCM tribute to Natalie. Not only will it be wonderful to see her in movies I haven't seen before (mostly her early ones), it could very well spur a lot of interest into her tragic ending. More people will finally know the truth.

    I have to believe that Wagner can't be thrilled about their honoring her. He has done nothing to maintain her legacy, of course, since he doesn't want people asking questions. TCM's tribute is another very big problem for him--what a shame!

  5. Marti

    Has Dennis submitted any formal report to the police on what he witnessed? I'd think that such a move would dispell all but the most diehard Wagner fans, that what's in the book is backed up by someone willing to go through the process, and that it can't be a fabrication, if it's reported to the police. Also, consider the effect that Lana Wood's recent statement in the news had on coverage. I'd think a formal report to the police would produce a lot of media interest.

    Michael B

  6. Michael,
    Please email me. martirulli@gmail.com
    Thanks, Marti

  7. Nice to hear from you again. I need to make an amazon account and write a review!

  8. Please write a review. It's very important to hear opinions and voices about this story. Thank you to all who care because this is truly something to care about it. To imagine something like this happening in your own family, and picturing how you would feel about it is a good way to get in touch with your true opinions about what really happened to Natalie and about the way this case was handled.

  9. Hi, Marti:

    You bring up a very good point re: imagining this happening in your own family. Would Wagner's supporters accept a similar variety of changing, flimsy, cockamamie excuses that have been offered if one of their family members had died as Natalie did?

    Would they accept the myriad contradictions and fabrications and be okay with the "investigation?" (It doesn't deserve to be called an investigation, really.)

    What if Natalie had been their daughter, sister, mother, aunt, or friend? Would they feel that justice had been done, that all had been done to shed light on this case? Would they feel that Natalie had been fairly treated? Would they be able to sleep at night?

    This is only one thing out of SO many facets of this story that sadden and disturb me--Natalie had virtually no one, besides Lana, to speak up for her--that is, until GNGS arrived.

    If this had happened to someone I knew, I would not accept the "explanations" that were provided. It's painful enough that it happened to my favorite actress. Natalie never deserved any of it.

  10. If only Natalie's celebrity friends would speak out about this! I saw the video of Lana talking about the case. I am still praying it will get reopened.

  11. Marti,
    Do you have any photos of when you and Dennis were younger that you can post? I admire that you didn't throw your childhood friend under the bus. I also think you were very fair and objective in your book about Dennis. I think if not for you he would never have come forward. You do not excuse him but you do not judge him. I can't imagine how I would've handled the situation in his shoes. Maybe if Wagner didn't push him out of his life, Dennis would never have talked, but it doesn't at all come off as a disgruntled employee. Hell, if anything, he was too kind to Wagner. I think Dennis let it all build inside of him and that he really did keep quiet to not disturb the Wagner family, that he really did care about Natalie's young daughters.
    I really appreciate your book. Jenna

  12. Sorry, have been busy. No, I don't have any photos of Dennis and myself prior to his California journey save one that was taken at a Halloween party he threw at his mother's apartment. We were just 19 and 22 at that time. I was looking, though, and came across a photo of myself sitting at my dining room table on a TYPEWRITER! when I started writing GNGS. My goodness, what a journey!