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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blogger problems

I am STILL having problems posting in the comment threads here, but no problem with NEW posts...so here's what I TRIED to post in the the "Sisters" thread and was unable to....

Sylvia ... so glad you found my blog and thank you for the follow back... Twitter has been an incredible source to inform others about the important petition for Natalie's case, and I really believe Twitter has helped to spread the facts about Natalie's "mystery death." Thank you for visiting this blog.

Roz, that's a fact (all you said). RJ had a way of making Natalie feel of "lesser worth" based on her family members, and it was one of the few things he thought he could use against her ... he thought his family had so much more class...but in reality, his talent, his worth, his status was smeared by Natalie's ... she was SO adored, so legendary, and he was Prince Valiant. He knew how much Natalie smeared him. He was an inconsiderate, selfish jerk, and always tried to make her feel as if her family were beneath them as a couple, but in fact, Natalie's family was always in her heart. Her family members were hardly ever aboard Splendour, as if that was too good for them according to RJ... it was HIS boat, HIS retreat, HIS toy. That's what gave him the edge, the nerve, to treat Walken so terribly the weekend Natalie died...they were on HIS territory. I wish Natalie had kept that particular social weekend confined to her home, then Wagner would never have behaved so insanely. Wagner kept Natalie's family off that boat, that was ALL his doing. Natalie LOVED her family, and yes, her sister meant the world to her, no matter how many latter day fans want to think differently.

Natalie Wood, despite all of Finstad's dark, deep stories about the psychological aspects of the Gurdin family dynamics, LOVED AND ENJOYED HER BIRTH FAMILY. It was RJ who didn't love them, who was jealous of them, who was jealous of everything about Natalie.

I'm glad you like Lana. She deserves to be liked and I truly believe that those who have a problem with Lana are only looking for excuses to support their fanhood of Wagner. Most intelligent people can see the raw deal Lana has been dealt by RJ, just as you have.

Lana was the ONLY person Natalie wanted to reach that morning. It was a desperate time she NEEDED her family, but it was a holiday weekend and Lana was unavailable. Of course, Lana would never have dreamed in a gazillion years that not being around the morning of Nov. 28th would have/could have contributed to her sister's survival chances. I truly believe RJ had set his mind on Friday night of the fateful cruise, what he wanted to prove to Natalie.

With that said, thank you to each and every one of you who still cares about this terrible injustice Natalie and her legacy has endured for almost 30 years. Again, I promise, I'm working toward Natalie's true justice.