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Monday, January 14, 2013

FishbowlLA article by Richard Horgan

Author Marti Rulli Comments on Latest Natalie Wood News - FishbowlLA


  1. Marti, you & Dennis must be applauded for your long & untiring efforts to get the case re-opened & looked at again in light of all that transpired that fateful night. Thank you for advocating for Natalie and for the truth to come out. It's huge that the autopsy report was amended! Largely in part to all your efforts! Thank you!

  2. Marti,
    At the time of the death I had no special interest or "axes to grind" about Wood or Wagner. To me they were both talented performers with apparently pleasant personas, and it just seemed dreadfully sad. However, the minute I saw footage of Wagner walking slowly down the street apparently "looking sad" I absolutely knew he was hiding something. Apart from the fact a bereaved celebrity is extremely unlikely to go out walking alone down a public street (with a news camera tracking him) just a day or so after the incident, his drooping head and slow gait was more reminiscent of a bad amateur actor trying to fake grief. He looked ridiculous! I can't explain why, but it just looked dumb, and as if he was trying to show the world "Look how sad I am". It almost made me laugh.

    Of course this is hardly "evidence" at all, and just an opinion. It is of no help to you at all. But if you haven't seen the footage - and can get it - please do. I bet it's stored somewhere. It's haunted me for years that he was hiding something then, and your own investigations have now convinced me I was right.