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Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Interview with Donna Linn, ShowMeTalkRadio

Includes a revelation about the reopened Natalie Wood case.



  1. Natalie being dead before she went into the water was quite a reveal. I wonder who Marilyn Wayne heard that night? On some level this should be a relief to her that Natalie was beyond saving and her efforts wouldn't have changed the outcome. If the detectives don't have enough for the DA, I am hoping they will at least show their findings and try him in the court of public opinion. Every time I see him on NCIS being treated like an elder statesman, I want to puke.

  2. Hi Marti, love Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendor so much. I signed the petition to reopen Natalie's case. Just met with a friend who bought Robert Wagner's new book; she went to see him in Pasadena (CA) where he autographed it. She was going on and on about how suave he was, and I said No No No, you need to read GNGS!!!!! Read it....and THEN tell me what you think about Wagner (I convinced her, she's going to borrow it from me). chh