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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Facebook Group - Natalie Wood: A Journey for Justice


This link is to a Facebook Group dedicated to the ongoing quest for justice for Natalie Wood. Since her case was reopened in Nov. 2011, many new details have surfaced and the missing piece to the mystery continues to avoid cooperating with the new detectives on the case. Robert Wagner continues on with "business as usual" and will not provide the authorities with a drop of insight as to what may have happened the night Natalie lost her life, which is very suspicious behavior. Join the group for updates and information about Natalie's case.


  1. The new group sounds great. I am very interested in getting justice for Natalie. I sent a join request, but I haven't been approved yet.

  2. There are many people who seek justice for Natalie not all of us have face book accounts.Couldn't we just go back to the old forum? There is nothing I would rather see than Wagner behind bars.

  3. Yes, also not on FB, and I'm not going to be; It's so limiting. Yes, another forum is needful. Thank you for standing for the truth.