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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Did Wagner bed Liz or not?

In the August 25, 2008, edition of the National Enquirer, Wagner’s “torrid affair” with Elizabeth Taylor was announced. In 1986, when Wagner and Elizabeth Taylor were doing the television special feature There Must Be a Pony, they told People magazine they had never had an affair. Unless Wagner bedded Liz after Natalie died, and thus would have been unfaithful to Jill, whom he was dating at the time, Wagner either lied to People in 1986 or is lying in his autobiography in 2008. The lies are told to suit his agenda, always.

According to an article by David Wallace, which appeared in People (October 6, 1986 EXCERPT):

At the table, Wagner immediately attends to Taylor’s comfort. The large upholstered banquette won’t do for La Liz. “My back,” she explains, referring apologetically to a chronic ailment she’s suffered since she learned to jump horses for National Velvet in 1944. She seats herself regally in a straight chair, while Wagner scans the bar for a pillow, which he quickly finds and gently tucks behind her. “He’s such a gentleman,” says Taylor, “so considerate.” Never mind snitching to George Hamilton, Liz’s escort of the moment, or to Jill St. John, the actress-cookbook writer with whom Wagner shares his five-bedroom home on two of West Los Angeles’ priciest acres. Liz and R.J. are buddies, not bedmates, and that, both insist, has always been the case. Corroboration comes from an unlikely source: The Last Star, Kitty Kelley’s unauthorized 1981 biography of Taylor, doesn’t even grant Wagner a place in the copious index.


  1. Marti, who cares?

  2. Well I certainly don't care who he bedded ... I am only making the point of how he lies to suit his agenda of the day. He had a book to promote and having bedded Liz worked better for him to sell his book than not having bed her did in 1986 when he made There Must Be A Pony with her. His book is a kiss and tell on people who are gone. Liz is still here. I wonder what she would have to say.

    Sam Kashner who wrote Dennis's Vanity Fair article has a new book out about Liz. It's titled "Furious Love" and Liz gave up her love letters from Richard Burton to Sam for the book. I'll be talking with Sam soon.

  3. I got the impression from his book that the affair with Liz occurred much earlier than 1986. He was not specific about the time but in 1986 he said that they never had an affair, that the kiss they shared in Pony was their first kiss ever and that it was worth the wait. He's such a phony.
    I agree about "who cares" but it all goes to his credibility. He lied incessantly in his book.
    Let us know what Sam tells you.

  4. Yes, who cares. Although it would be interesting to find out if it was when he was with Natalie or soon after. Wagner accused Natalie of being unfaithful or emotionally unfaithful! I read that Natalie suspected he was having an affair..but I assume it was with Jill St. John. Also, she had to listen to the rumours of Wagner and Stephanie Powers having an affair. They were good friends apparently. Natalie was maybe just trying to get Wagner jealous with Walken. I thought Natalie was the Love of his life, but he never did answer that question in an interview.

  5. That was a misprint in the Daily News article. It was not Natalie who suspected an affair with Jill, it was Marion. Natalie was not with RJ at that time. He worked on a few projects with Jill and Marion was suspicious of the friendly flirting that went on. Katie Wagner told the story a few years ago.
    Natalie knew better than to be jealous of Powers. She knew more than the public is and ever will be aware of concerning Stefanie Powers.

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