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Monday, June 28, 2010


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank you all for caring about what happened to Natalie Wood, and for talking about it and sharing what you think and know about the case. I'll be posting a very important message about GNGS. I am sorry that the book has been unavailable. I will post a full explanation within days. Production will start soon.


  1. I think all of us that love Natalie knew the truth would come out one day...I am grateful for that alone.
    I was thinking that this time 40 years ago must have been a very happy time for Natalie...She was expecting her first child.
    Thanks, Kevin

  2. It was the happiest time of her life.

  3. Thank you, again, to Marti and to Dennis for being brave and persistent in bringing the truth out. If the material in "GNGS" were not so credible and reasonable, it wouldn't so anger the people who deny it. If it were easy to brush off, that is all they'd have to do.

    But the book's detractors have to resort to lies, distortions, and personal attacks (much like the man who is responsible for Natalie's death). That is ALL the defense that they have. And being silent is all that Wagner has right now.

    I now know what happened to Natalie. I am so much sadder for knowing it, but I am grateful to Dennis and to Marti, in particular, for what they've done. And I have a sense that justice will be served on this, in some place and in some fashion. And even if Wagner doesn't answer in this lifetime to what he did, his day will come.

    Not all crimes are punished, but eventually, justice is served.

  4. Thank you all for the comments. It's been a long road, but a journey still worth effort. I find it frustrating that the celebrity community stays silent but from what I've heard, it is out of respect for Natalie's daughters. I can appreciate that, but I believe true healing comes with truth. It's terribly sad for all involved for the results of that tragic night.

    It's so terribly difficult and so uncomfortable for certain people to talk about Natalie's last night, so it seems that Natalie goes ignored by the greater media. This continues to frustrate me. It's like Dennis once asked me, "Is it okay to just let all this be because Natalie is gone?" He answered his own question with a big NO! Some people think that's the way it should be--to NOT talk about Natalie's last night. Let it go, let her rest in peace they suggest. And some people think differently. There's argument on both sides of the fence, but I think it comes down to something so fundamental: justice. Even if an in-depth investigation reveals things none of us knew about, at least this case will have received what it always deserved: a thorough investigation.

    Someone in the celebrity community has contacted me and wants to help make Natalie's voice heard forever. I will post about that soon, too. And GNGS is not going away. Due to some business related problems having nothing to do specifically with GNGS, the book's availability has been delayed. I'll be posting all information about that soon.

    To have gained one friend in this journey would have been comforting, but to have gained as many thoughtful friends as we have is tremendously appreciated. Again, thank you to all.

  5. Marianne, in an attempt to delete those annoying comments in foreign language, I accidentally deleted your last comment, which I truly appreciated. I agree with what you said about "protecting the daughters" -- it leaves no room for protecting Natalie.

    I'm sorry I deleted your message...it was thought-provoking and I can't get it back :-)

    Thank you for how much you care about this case.

  6. Thank you Marti for writing this book and Dennis coming forward. I grew up watching Natalie's movies and never thought that I would be talking about her death. It is sad about her daughters, but justice hasn't been served. Also, the way Wagner cut off Natalie's mother and Lana so soon after her death. How soon after was it? That is suspicious also.

  7. There are children sitting in courtrooms all over America waiting the outcome of a trial because one of his or her parents killed the other.

    Two years ago, here in New York, we had a woman doctor convicted of having her husband murdered right in front of their 5 y/o daughter. Should we not have prosecuted the woman because of her daughter? That would have been insane because that man deserved justice.

    There is nothing different in Natalie's case.

  8. You are absolutely right, Kevin. They are not children, they are adult women. They are not fragile little waifs. They are adult women who grew up with their Daddy in control of their trust fund. They don't appear to be overly ambitious. Maybe that is where some of their loyalty to Daddy comes from and there is more to come when he dies.

  9. What is with Lana? That television interview she did says she "does not suspect foul play" but wants the case to be reopened. If she does not suspect any foul play, what are the grounds for her wanting the case reopened? Unless she was misquoted I have no idea why she would say that.

  10. Marti, I reviewed your book on my blog today if you would like to read the post.


  11. Sky Princess,

    Thank you so much for your review. So much. It's insightful, intelligent, and most of all, fair. GNGS was a difficult book to write. It went through so many transformations and re-writes that I was at a loss. It consumed so many segments of my life. Years into it, an epiphany saved me one day as everything came into focus. I needed to tell the story from my own perspective. I knew no other way to get the job done because without someone to try to substantiate Dennis's account, there was no sense in expecting it to be believed. After all I went through, I really expected to be believed, and for others to believe Dennis. Natalie's death affected so many people. I was curious about so many things.

    As for my writing experience, I had previously written articles for a business magazine. I wrote a few newspaper stories and columns when I was younger. I write ad copy these days. I always liked reading and writing poetry and song lyrics, too. I like fiction. I was more "creative minded" for hobby writing and I knew I couldn't be creative with even one word for a book of GNGS's caliber. I was out of my element yet the story gripped me so badly that I knew I could not let it go unaccomplished ... I would think about Natalie's death at weddings, at funerals, at the playground with the kids, out to dinner, while working, especailly when visiting the beach, and always, always before going to sleep.

    My friendship with Dennis factored in, too. I tried to be as objective as I possibly could. Sometimes I would feel so sorry for him that I would cry. Other times I would become so frustrated I would cry. And I sometimes became angry with him. How could I tell his story without explaining myself, the "nobody from NJ" covering the mysterious death of someone as classic and legendary as Natalie Wood?

    Not only did I not feel qualified before deciding to write it from my perspective, I felt sometimes foolish even believing I could accomplish such a task. Then, other times, I would feel like the ONLY person who could tell it right. Dennis didn't deserve that night. Walken didn't deserve it. Lana and Mud didn't deserve it, nor did Natalie's daughters. And, of all the victims, Natalie is who suffered a terrible ordeal before drowning. Thinking about her in the ocean is what compelled me to finish. I simply tried my best. Thank you for reading it twice, for attempting to understand my format choice, my format need.

    GNGS got published. The biggies were afraid of it, the media doesn't know what to do with it, and the authorities should be ashamed of themselves. And for those readers who question who I am to make such statements: well, I'm a regular person whose redemption comes from readers like you and the many others who care and can comprehend how I fit into this piece of Hollywood history. I wish I knew how to better thank all of you.

    Before I finish I have to tell you that I love your blog. It is so interesting, professional, endearing, and a pleasure to visit. When I was 9 years old, I fell in love with Ricky. I used to stand on a small table in our living room and lip-sing "Travelin Man" probably about 30 times a day. It went on for over three months until my older brother grabbed the 45 and went screaming out of the house before breaking it in two. :-)
    I never missed Ozzie and Harriet because at the end of every episode, Ricky would be singing.
    When the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and groups like The Doors and Pink Floyd hit the scene, well I gave up on Ricky and never admitted my crush on him for fear of being ridiculed by my friends. But years later when "Garden Party" was released, I defended Ricky with more passion than I had for him when I was 9. It was horrible what that audience had done to him, yet it inspired "Garden Party," a song I believe is one of the most profound social statements ever created. Obviously, you recognize that, too.

    Again, thank you.

  12. Me too, I loved Ricky Nelson. Garden Party was brilliant!
    "Ozzie and Harriett". Now we are really showing our age. LOL

  13. Marti,
    Thank you so much for your very kind comments. I am honored by your visit to my Channeling Ricky blog and by your response to my GNGS review. I've had a small glimpse of what it must have been like for you as you thought about Natalie's death for so many years. I think about her death everyday myself since I began writing my blogs.

    I enjoyed my second read of the book where I could focus on your part in the story. Including yourself in the story was undoubtly the logical choice. Many times I have thought about what I would have done had I been in your shoes. I had also wondered about the choice of publishers for such an important story so I appreciate your mention of it here that the "biggies were afraid of it."

    I would love to publish your comments in my blog as a separate post with your permission, of course. Thank you for writing your book, and Dennis for telling the story. I loved the book and also love, and regularly read, your blog.

    Thanks also for sharing your Ricky Nelson memories. He, like Natalie Wood, has had a major impact on my life.


  14. Sharon, yes, I would appreciate your using my comments at your blog. As a matter of fact, I was a little timid about asking if I could post your review at my blog, too, but now I see it would be a good exhange, as the more people who have a chance to read about Natalie, the better.

    I'm close to announcing the new information to be included in the new release of GNGS a few weeks from now. I will definitely tell all about the new information at my blog so that those who already read the hardback will be caught up too.

    I so appreciate that you see GNGS for what it is -- an effort to let those interested to learn about what really happened the night Natalie died. Lots of people want to think it's consiracy oriented, etc., but it's truly an effort for justice for Natalie and that effort is not stopping with GNGS although a few Wagner fans would like to think so. I do not say those kind of things to annoy those fans. I say them because there's right and there's wrong, and the way Natalie's death was swept under the rug is wrong. I can't believe that an all-out effort was never launched by authorities or media. I really can't believe it. They can claim they thoroughly investigated all they want. They did not. They bought the first story they were told and that first explanation was a huge lie. Thanks for caring and for your effort. Every drop of effort matters. Sincerely, Marti

  15. Thanks again Marti. I am going to use your comments in a follow-up post to my review of your book. I have a separate link to your blog on my site now also. Thanks for being so supportive of Channeling Ricky. You can use anything off my blog that you like, anytime.

    I am looking forward to hearing the next release of information. I think what you have done with Natalie's story is very courageous. If the case is ever reopened, it will be because of your efforts.


  16. I feel compelled to 'speak' an observation of mine at this point. Sky Princess sounds like a real intelligent and savvy lady (as you do Marti) and she's no fluke. She's a registered nurse who sees through this case. (yes I looked at your blog Sky Princess and it's a very interesting one) I recall the RJ fans claiming that only non-educated Nat fans and conspiracy freaks believe in GNGS, another absurd insult of theirs, anything to protect their idol right? Well Sky Princess and many others are professionals and intelligent people who recognize a duck for a duck. I don't want to bring up old names but let's just say that it's those people like S & S who bashed you Marti who are the fools. They will never admit it. They are the big nobodys and they can't stand it to see others' decent efforts make a difference. Natalie's death was no accident. She was driven into that water and we might never know exactly how but we do know she was planning bedtime when she was robbed of her life, nomatter exactly how it happened. There's no conspiracy. It was a marital argument gone horribly wrong and anyone with a minimum 5th grade education can figure it out. The BS S & S and other RJ fans spread around is what is sickening on top of a horrible NON-accidental death! Sorry, needed to get this off my chest.

  17. Sharon,
    Thanks, and I will copy your review sometime today to post here.

    I understand the frustration and although people have the right to believe what they want to believe, I sometimes feel, too, that certain people are not one drop objective when they look at this story: it's like trying to tell someone the earth is round when they refuse to believe it's anything but flat: you have the evidence, but it doesn't matter.
    Those are the kind of people it's not worth arguing with. They won't deal with facts and they resort to insults to accompany their fabrications. One particular, I read somewhere how someone explained the "obvious way" Natalie's bruises came from the ocean. I can only shake my head in disbelief. All that arguing and banging around in the master stateroom is the most probable answer to how Natalie received her bruises. It can be frustrating, yes.

  18. Natalie was roughed up. That is how she got those bruises.

  19. 1. No underware
    2. Socks
    3. A nightgown
    4. One earring on, one off.
    Who in their right mind can believe that Natalie would leave the yacht willingly (save fear of bodily harm and/or death) dressed in such a manner? Natalie often referred to her fame as 'the badge' and was very careful of her appearance regardless of her destination. According to Lana Woods' book, Natalie even wore make-up to her dermatologist appointments, only to remove it upon arrival. To leave the boat at such a late hour, all alone, to man a dingy whose light was out? Afraid beyond words of deep, dark water?
    Common sense, and the facts, so clearly presented in Martis' ground-breaking book, beg to differ.