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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

KNBC News Report on updates for Natalie Wood's death investigation.

Excellent report to watch and read:

Robert Wagner Was a ''Shocked Man'' After Natalie Wood's Death, Then-Assistant Sheriff Recalls | NBC Southern California

Yes, it was a scattered, tragic, confusing scene the morning of Natalie Wood's death, and it is understandable that everyone (including Edmonds and Rasure) would sympathize with Wagner for his loss. Given what we know through all the years since, however, is sympathy a defense for all the oversights? I would like to hear Rasure say, "I'm sorry I overlooked so many things," instead of "I still think I did a good job." My comment to Rasure, "No, Duane, you didn't. And it's not okay!" because....

Natalie Wood -- this iconic, beautiful, talented actress who dearly loved her daughters and tried to balance a life that would make everyone in her surroundings a happy being -- has become known over the years as "the actress who flirted and got drunk and fell off a boat."

THAT, is NOT what happened the night Natalie died, nor a correct portrayal of Natalie Wood who deserves the truth  attached to her legacy. Dennis Davern and Natalie's sister, Lana Wood, have also been written and talked about in a derogatory manner as the scapegoats for the complete neglect surrounding the weekend Natalie died, and Lana Wood was not even aboard the ill-fated cruise!  Robert Wagner has certainly done his number on Lana. How convenient to smear the only relative of Natalie's who cares about what REALLY happened!

Duane Rasure has followed Dennis -- to this day -- in the media (the ONLY resource we ever had to get the truth known) calling him a "drunken liar." Why? Why smear Dennis and slander him when Wagner was just as drunk? (had things been done by the book and testing completed, Rasure would've known that) and why, after learning years later how the wine bottle REALLY ended up on the main salon's floor, does Rasure not come out and say, "I was lied to by ALL?"

As for Dennis, Wagner has said little about him over the years (don't poke the bear?) until the case was reopened in Nov. 2011...then, he had his spokesperson claim he "welcomed the case reopening" but in an aside accused Dennis of exploiting the tragedy. My comment to Wagner: if that's what you really believe, RJ, then put your money where your mouth is instead of giving it to a criminal defense attorney, and tell the investigating detectives what you know, or even what you DON'T know, about the night your wife died!"

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