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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Natalie Wood Author Comments on Bombshell Tabloid Report - FishbowlLA

Natalie Wood Author Comments on Bombshell Tabloid Report - FishbowlLA


  1. I have written a book, which I would like you to read, please. I have been a numerologist for 35 years, and have in recent years turned my attention to researching crime. I call this Forensic Numerological Profiling. As a result of my research into the Natalie Wood case, and in studying the charts of Natalie Wood, Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner, I arrived at the conclusion that Robert Wagner feared being thrown into (what he deemed) parlous financial circumstances had Natalie Wood divorced him at the time of her death. I believe a permanent separation and divorce was imminent, and that she told him it was all over in the heat of the altercation on the fantail of the Splendour on the night she died. The final straw came for Natalie when he threatened Walken with a broken bottle in the confined quarters of the boat, knowing he had no where to escape to really on a 60’ craft, except to his room. I believe Wagner decided that if Natalie was going to leave, she would do so on his terms. I believe the delay was deliberate, to cover a crime. Either Natalie was already dead and he knew it, or he was hoping she would drown if enough time elapsed. Thank you, Pamela Valemont Australia.

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  4. My book is based on FACTS and nothing more or less. My co-author was polygraphed and passed his TESTING numerous times. All of my research dealt with facts, witnesses, and scientific evidence. I surmised nothing. Thus far, we know FACTUALLY only about a few words that were used during the argument on the yacht. Perhaps the detectives now on the case are learning more from the numerous witnesses that have come forward since the case reopened. I am told I will learn about all of this new information soon.

    I begrudge no one their right or desire to write about the fateful weekend that Natalie Wood lost her life, but I do want it known that I have NO TIES WHATSOEVER with any other writer about this legendary story. I have worked on my own and, in fact, many writers have primarily used my research to present their stories: including those who came before me. Sam Kashner read my work-in-progress manuscript when he wrote his March 2000 Vanity Fair article. Suzanne Finstad called me numerous times to learn about Dennis Davern's account, and twisted her version of it to present her scenario. Media has chased me for decades and often when I have not offered what they sought, their stories have only harmed the need for accuracy in such a delicate case.

    I have learned so much from the new professional investigation and, like the authorities, surmise nothing. While trying to put together FACTS, there is no room for superficial summations. I will present the new FACTUAL information when the time is right.

  5. I totally understand the need for you Marti to reiterate and strongly reinforce the understanding that you have worked exclusively with testimony from eye witnesses and coroner's reports, all of which can be verified in the physical world. I also understand your need to distance yourself from others who did not use your methods. It is important for you keep your readers focused on the resultant findings of your extensive research.

    I think I should hasten to explain to you and those who are not familiar with my work, (and most people will not be au fait with it) - who might be thinking that I do not use the facts of a case in making a diagnosis - that I begin and end with the facts and the facts as they are known only. I would not have been able to write my book without knowing what those facts are to date, and drawing on the hard work and painstaking research done by you Marti. You added something - some "new" knowledge, which had in fact been there all along - that forced the case to be reopened. Your excellent work is now done. It is time for you to abdicate and leave the rest to the new investigation, as you have expressly stated.

    Yet that is not to say a person like myself, with many years of research in a particular adjacent field, can contribute nothing more, only speculation. Using what is known about the case, in conjunction with the birth charts of the subjects involved, I can, utilizing what I have gleaned from 35 years of research numerology, draw certain conclusions. I studied Pythagorean numerology at the university level, so I too am a professional in my field. What I have to contribute has old roots and is not really new knowledge at all. In that way, our work is similar. You dredge up what has lain hidden, I dredge up factors hidden from view as well.

  6. Once my conclusions have been drawn, if they differ in any way from other conclusions that have already been drawn by the homicide squad, it is up to those investigators whether they follow any lead I might give. I do state in my book that over a period of 35 years I have never seen anyone pass through a 31/4 Personal Year (such as the one Robert Wagner was undergoing at the time of Natalie's death) without enduring financial hardship, which is more often than not, very severe, usually because of a bad investment which gives unexpectedly poor returns. Many people go to the wall financially under such a year. Many declare themselves bankrupt out of sheer necessity. Many are declared bankrupt, and sent into disgrace.

    My findings therefore, are based on empirical observation and statistical outcomes over the course of many years. These affects were perceived to develop and recur frequently in the physical world. My conclusion therefore, is a scientifically logically deductive one: that if Robert Wagner's finances at the time of Natalie's drowning have not yet received very close scrutiny, then they should definitely do so now.

    I would like to see, hypothetically, how Robert would have fared financially had Natalie divorced him instead of died in November 1981. I can pretty much guarantee he would have been in what he at least, would have deemed a grave situation. Since Robert's birth date is in February, and Natalie died in November, Robert had been in that 31/4 year for around 9 months; plenty of time for things to go bad for him. Just as panic gripped people during the crash of Wall Street in 1929, I believe Wagner panicked at the time when faced with the prospect of financial ruin.

    To the skeptics who have never read my numerological criminal profiling work, I can only quote Albert Einstein (to a detractor at one of his lectures who criticized his belief in astrology): "I have studied the science, which you Sir, obviously have not."

    Thank you Marti, for leaving my post on your site for others to read. Whether you think I have something to contribute or not, you acted in a fair and non-discriminatory way, an essential ingredient for an ethical journalist and writer. In a much-maligned profession, I respect those who keep the light shining. I have a background in journalism myself.