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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Natalie Wood death to be ruled not accidental: Sources

One of the reports from January


  1. I was dining with a well-known Hollywood Producer and I asked him about Natalie Wood's death because I never believed the initial findings. He told me that Natalie walked in on her husband and Christopher Walken engaged in sexual activity. This led to an argument between Natalie and Wagner and continued into their state room, which escalated into a physical confrontation and fight. I was told Wagner pushed her into the water beside the dingy and went back to continue drinking, ignoring the captain's continued insistance on calling for help. Wagner ignored these continued pleas. Wagner swore him to secrecy so that no one would be embarrassed and continued drinking. I have always believed this story since that time. I hope Wagner finally tells the truth, although doubtful, and pays for what he did to Natalie. He said that Natalie was loved by everyone and that Wagner was a Brawler and filled with anger, especially when drinking. I loved Natalie and always will.

  2. Karen, Many people have believed the story about Natalie walking in on Wagner and Walken but it simply is not true. I have no clue what type of bond Wagner and Walken had, have, or will have that keeps both of them so uncooperative with authorities, but I do know for a fact that at least one of them did not completely ignore the authorities' request for an interview. And, I also know for a fact that on the Saturday night of the fateful cruise, Wagner was intensely jealous of Walken being on the boat that weekend and he grossly overreacted to Natalie being a gracious hostess to her co-star on board which was typical of her whether it be a male or female on board for cruise. Wagner had been mad at Natalie for months! He did not want her to resume her career. She was ready for an argument, rightfully so, after RJ mortified her by smashing a wine bottle, but Wagner was ready to put an end to the chance of Natalie going any further in her career...forever! It is a true tragedy what happened aboard that boat and I will continue until the end of my time to make sure people learn the truth of it all.

  3. Hi Marti,

    I fell behind on comments during the month of April and have been catching up ever since. I wanted to thank you for stopping by and clarifying some things. I've posted a note at the end of the Natalie Wood post (too late to change anything) referring them to your comment, and a link here to your site on my blog Facebook account for those interested in hearing more updated facts on the Natalie Wood case.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse