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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Natalie's Death NOT Classified as accidental. Announcers Need to UPDATE!

This afternoon I happened across "Rebel Without a Cause" on TCM and stopped to watch the second half of it. It was Natalie's "breakout" movie, the one that brought her to "adulthood" on screen. Frankly, I think she had reached "adulthood" long before in real life, but in any case, at the end of the movie an announcer talked briefly about the early deaths of the movie's lead actors, and when he got to mentioning Natalie he said she had drowned accidentally. So when will this idle and IGNORANT claim about Natalie's death STOP? Natalie did NOT die accidentally and even her death certificate has been OFFICIALLY changed to indicate so. ACCIDENT HAS BEEN REMOVED!!!! NO "accident" -- it's UNDETERMINED now because a legal medical review questions "accident" and now a homicide division continues to investigate MURDER, so maybe announcers should get with the program and start to call Natalie's death what it really is: AN ONGOING HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION. Natalie needs her fans more than ever.


  1. Wow, that's the strongest statement I have seen you make in two years. I also continue to read reports listing it as an accident. I know it's infuriating given all of your hard work. Just getting the case reopened was a herculean task and I am still in awe. Why can't Wagner be brought in for an interview? It's an official investigation. I am hoping the detectives continue piecing things together but I can't imagine what they are still working on. Wagner seems like a major roadblock to any forward movement in the case.

  2. Yes, Wagner is the ONLY roadblock in determining what happened to his wife he claims to have loved and had no idea what happened. Think he'd want to know, wouldn't you?