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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour e-version on sale 2/16/16

I was recently notified by our publisher, Open Road Integrated Media, that GOODBYE NATALIE, GOODBYE SPLENDOUR will be featured in the Early Bird Books newsletter on 2/16/16. Early Bird Books is a daily deals newsletter that goes out to more than a quarter million subscribers. The ebook of GNGS will be downpriced to $1.99 for that day only, 2/16/16. The discount will be available at all major retailers in the U.S. So, if anyone is interested in getting the ebook version of GN...GS, Feb. 16th will be the best day to save. As those of you who've read GNGS know, it's so much more than the story of just one night.
Early Bird Books would also love to have as many people as possible sign up to receive the Early Bird Books email so that you'll always be aware of their many excellent authors and titles, and readers are always offered great savings. Here is the link:
Also, I am posting this notice only on MY Facebook page, and not at the many Natalie Wood fan groups and pages because I do not want to infringe upon any adminstrator regulations there. This is definitely a wonderful opportunity for GNGS and hopefully many more people will learn of this important story through this promotion, so if anyone would like to share this post with your friends' list or groups, please feel free to do so, and I am grateful for that support.


  1. Marti, when will your book be coming out. On that trashy forum site they are saying it was supposed to be out next month. I don't recall you ever giving a date.

  2. I do not have an exact date. It is still a work in progress. Soon, I hope. Soon.

  3. Hi Marti. Looking fwd to this new work. Ty.

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