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Monday, September 12, 2016


Someone asked the following question on my FB page, which I use only for published articles and then comments can be made, so I am moving the question to here....I know I have neglected the blog for months but there is also reason for that. There is reason for everything I do or do not do regarding Natalie's case.
Here is the question: What if RJ gets arrested and there is a trial. Do you think that an unbiased jury could be formed? It seems that so many women fall all over RJ. Look what happened in the O.J. Simpson case!!! Just because of his celebrity he got away with murder! What if the jurists feel sorry for RJ because of his age 85/86? Just wondered what everyone thinks about this? *****JUSTICE 4 NATALIE*****

Here is the answer I gave on FB: There is a lot going on that cannot be discussed openly, which is why mainstream media keeps a distance, too. Don't worry, for those interested in truth and justice for any victim, especially for this particular decades-long saga, the truth will be revealed for Natalie's legacy. That's what matters. This iconic woman did not "get drunk and fall off a boat." Intelligent and reasonable people already know it. The death certificate change is a step in the right dirction: NO MORE ACCIDENT. The "whodunnit" part is just as easy. But I only post NEWS items on FB...I save these type questions for my blog, so will be moving this there.

Now, for an update. There are people trying to involve themselves in things they know too little, too late, about and their interference is a hindrance, not a help. I do have a first draft of my next book ready but so many things have happened that I keep adding to it to ensure it will provide complete coverage, but I will be submitting my manuscript very soon to my agent. It includes so much pertinent information than it did last year when I finished first draft. This book will verify ALL of the initial findings of GNGS, plus offer many more details (FACTS) pertaining to Natalie's case. The outsiders (many of them on various levels) who think they've uncovered "answers" have only uncovered the unnecessary information GNGS already asked. This next book will contain the answers -- the ones that are factual, the answers that matter. I appreciate that so many people still care. Hang in there, this case isn't as complicated as many like to think it is. 


  1. I will be eagerly awaiting your next book,I have read my copy of GNGS twice and loaned it out for my friends to read. Everyone was disgusted with Wagner's behavior and lack of concern for Natalie. Hopefully he will be trapped in his web of lies.

  2. Before I read GNGS. I thought "more sensationalism." After reading your book, Marti, I was convinced Wagner was involved. I just read a news article that he is now considered a "person of interest." Also, CBS will air a show about this Saturday at 10:00 pm, I believe. Looking forward to the new book. Glad to read the case isn't as complicated as some think. It is, however, so, so sad.