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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mel Gibson Tapes

Will Robyn (and Australia) Take Mel Gibson Back? | PopEater.com

What a mess Mel Gibson is experiencing at this time. I loved much of Mel Gibson's work and always admired him in the entertainment industry. Up until his wife filing for divorce, I also thought he was a rare exception in the business, too -- one who could maintain a normal family life while being a prominent figure in the industry, but then things started to happen: his DUIs, his prejudices surfacing, his drunken words.

It goes to show that we never know the true personalities behind the characters we see on the screen. In one of the Gibson tapes, he says he could put Oksana (his girlfriend who released the damaging tapes, and also mother of his daughter) "in the rose garden" and that he "knew how to do it." It reminds me of what Charlie Sheen had said to his wife in Aspen, about knowing cops who would help him to cover up killing her and making her disappear despite how much money her family had. Some celebrities become so incredibly arrogant it is disheartening.  

Celebrities are not the characters they play. They are human and prone to all human tendencies. Sometimes their fans make excuses for them based on a "nice character" they once played. We never really know their true personalities because all we see is what they want to be seen, but sometimes they cross a line they can never retreat to. This has happened in Mel's case. TV still seems to think we want to see Charlie Sheen.
I don't.
It's really time to bring the Natalie Wood case to where it belongs. I assure you, it will be our priority in the coming months.

The media sure is giving the entire Gibson case a lot of attention. It's a shame that Natalie Wood never received the same, that there was no credible in-depth look into the man who was last with her when she mysteriously ended up in the Pacific.
No, it's not too late. Please bear with us.   


  1. perhaps because of the Mel Gibson rantings, it will focus peoples attention on what poor behavior these celebs are capable of and make the ground fertile so to speak to finally give Natalie her due!! I think OJ Simpson's brutal murder of his wife and Ron Goldman was our first look at the dark side of celebrity, little did we know, it existed long before, on the night of 11/28/81. We have been guilty of putting these people on pedestals for too long.

  2. I totally agree, Deborah. I just wrote you another message in the post preceding this one. Rasure now says that the weekend Natalie died was an actual "celebration weekend" of Natalie having learned to swim. This is the craziest case ever. I'm becoming more angry than ever. Thank you for caring.

  3. Rasure's comment has to take the cake. That is beyond bizarre. WHERE did he come up with that one?

  4. Marti, that comment from Rasure is so ridiculous but it points out how desperate he is to be believed, how badly he wants this to go away. He can say something as stupid as that yet he calls Dennis a liar? He questions Dennis' character. I suggest that he take a long look in mirror before he questions Dennis' character and honesty. Rasure is telling a bold faced, out right lie 28 years later.

  5. Not only is Rasure's comment an outright lie, it makes such horrible sense that it has got to be one of the most absurd comments ever spoken. Even in L.A. it gets chilly in the winter. Natalie was off filming a movie on the East Coast, one that was behind schedule, and had just returned to her home in L.A. before the fateful Splendour outing. She had had no time for swimming lessons, and to take off for a boating outing in dreadful weather that weekend to celebrate having learned to swim is ridiculous and makes no sense whatsoever.

    Natalie learned to swim when she was a child. She knew how to keep herself above water but was not a fan of swimming and never swam in lakes or oceans, and hardly ever in a swimming pool.
    And why was this revelation of Rasure's never mentioned before? Rasure is still covering his own inept investigation into a tragic, unnecessary death. I'm sick of it all and about to become quite vocal about the real details behind Natalie's death. I had maintained respect for Rasure, even understood why he closed the case because the threee survivors had lied to him, but now I've lost all respect for him. I can't understand not wanting to right such a terrible wrong.

  6. Rasure was compensated in some way for closing that case. I smell a pay off of some kind.

  7. Certainly, Rasure was paid off. It is no coincidence that he was raising Arabian horses in retirement at the very same time Wagner and St. John were into them.

    Like Wagner, Rasure will have someone to answer to, eventually. So will Christopher Walken.

    My stomach churns as I type this--it makes me SO angry.