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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

News about "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour" availability.

I have been very busy preparing the new information for “Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour” which will be available to everyone much sooner than November as stated at book-selling sites. In fact, the new version of "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour” will be available in a few weeks.

Here’s what happened and an explanation for why GNGS is out of stock: Our book was purchased for publication in 2008 by Michael Viner, the president of Phoenix Books and Audio. Michael passed away just a few weeks before GNGS was released. Michael had so much planned for GNGS that never transpired, but now that we have acquired all rights of the book, we plan to continue the mission to bring Natalie Wood justice.

Phoenix was basically a “Michael Viner operation” but the owners of the independent publishing company decided to keep the company going after Michael passed. From what I’ve learned, Phoenix had made a few bad choices in book acquisitions and, coupled with the down-economy, the owners decided to close up shop. I was told that GNGS was their best selling book of all its fall 2009 releases and it has completely sold out. Unfortunately, no more hardbacks will be available, at least not at this time. There are only a few hardbacks left, available only from a few outside sellers (listed at Amazon). Because it’s now considered an out-of-print book, some are selling for more expensive amounts.

Kindle is also unavailable until we transfer to our new distributor, E-reads. E-Reads will be taking over all electronic downloads, and as the paperback has been cancelled by Phoenix, a printed version will be available for print-on-demand orders until further notice, and GNGS will soon be available in every format but hardback with the new information included.

I will make the exact date announcement soon.

Phoenix left many authors in a quandary after their sudden decision to close their doors. Some of the authors had just been published, therefore facing a mess in transferring to other sources. It was also a troublesome position for GNGS as the company had already put the paperback up for sale. For any who ordered the paperback, an email from the selling site should soon be coming to inform you of GNGS’s availability in all the new formats.

I may have a limited supply of hardbacks I intend to offer for sale (new and author-signed) at regular rates from this blog, and I will announce that at a later time. It depends on if there is any left-over stock, but it appears there is not. I will also have the option of purchasing the audio versions left over (the only leftover format) and I will offer them for sale at this blog, too, for the same price we might acquire them. More info to come on that.

But, as for the hardback, you may now consider it an out-of-print book.
So, that’s what’s been going on with the availability of GNGS. It has nothing to do with us: a publisher decided to go out of business after its company president passed away.

GNGS will be available for purchase in several formats within a few weeks. Thank you to all who purchased the hardback version. Dennis and I truly appreciate that you were interested in the truth about the death of Natalie Wood.

I will post the minute the availability is up and running with the new information included as a forward. Thank you!


  1. unimportant question, wasn't a Michael Viner married to actress Deborah Raffin?

  2. Hi Marti,
    Sounds like another mess for you to have to work through. I read Michael Viner's biography on Wikipedia. I think you should update it with information about GNGS when you have time. I was going to highlight my copy of your book and mail it to the DA's office in Los Angeles, but now I guess I'll just keep it. Maybe when the paperback comes out, I send out a copy.

  3. disregard my above question, looked on Wikipedia for answer

  4. Deborah, you were right, and he had a daughter with her. His death was shocking because he was expected to live longer, although I don't have all of the details of what type cancer took his life. Michael was criticized for taking on "tabloid books" but what he really was looking for were stories other publishers were afraid of. He took on some problem books, but he also gave voice to many who otherwise would never have been heard. He was best man at Larry King's wedding. They were best friends. As you can figure, Larry would've featured GNGS if not for Michael's death. Yes, Larry is friends with Wagner, too, but was much closer with Michael. Larry wimped-out. Sorry, but that's how I see it. Some of the people in the media who could make a difference do not have the guts to admit they care about justice for Natalie. Truly they do care, but it's easier to remain silent.

    Sharon, yes it's another hurdle. Sometimes I'm amazed at what this book has had to endure, but at least this latest obstacle had nothing to do with the story. The company fell upon trying times, as many publishers are suffering in the literary world in this down-economy. Our goal is to get the case re-opened. I don't think it will interfere with that. Yes, keep your copy! We are going to submit all the information with an official request to have the Natalie Wood case reopened. I'll be telling about those details soon, too.

    Thank you all for caring so much. I have always believed that Natalie deserves her justice, as her voice should be heard. Dennis's account gives Natalie her side of the terrible weekend, and I am so grateful to Michael Viner for having taken on such a controversial story. Without him, GNGS may never have been published. We would not have gone the self-publishing route. Imagine the ridicule we would've been subject to if we had. Also, many of the big houses were quite interested in GNGS. They ALL believed Dennis's account, yet, when it came to decision time, someone higher up always ended up too afraid to be the one to say it: Natalie's death was not an accident.

  5. Marti,

    I'm shaking my head in disbelief over all you have had to go through in relation to your book. Quite frankly, I liked reading the parts in GNGS when you told about the struggles you faced and how you tried to overcome them. This is unbelievable that your publisher pulled the rug right out from under you in the mist of such an important mission. They should be ashamed of themselves. I commend your stamina, it's beyond belief! I wish you the best of luck. LAM

  6. This has nothing to do with the above topic but it was something I saw that just got me to wondering. I was looking at a 1981 calender online and the 26th, Thanksgiving Day night was a full moon, I have heard about how the moon can effect our bodies both physically and mentally, and have felt it myself on occassion...I can't help but wonder if this had some bearing on the mood and tone of this tragic weekend. In Lana's book, she mentioned how something felt odd about that Thanksgiving gathering, sort of a gathering storm I guess you could say. Its just a thought.

  7. I must correct myself, upon looking at the calender again, it was a new moon, not a full moon, that would make a big difference, silly me, my apologies....

  8. Deborah,
    There is scientific evidence that a full moon does affect us. For instance, there are more head-on collisions during a full moon (gravitational pull) and unrest in hospitals, etc. As for a new moon, if you follow astrology, it's indicative of new beginnings. It was a dreary night for Natalie's ordeal. If it had been a full moon, it's known that a full moon affects emotions, but I think in this case we were dealing primarily with a drunken husband who was in a drunken and jealous rage. There's no harm in looking at all angles, as I always do in Natalie's case, but I always come to one conclusion: a deadly husband.

  9. and perhaps had it been a full moon night, Marilyn Wayne may have been able to spot Natalie...I agree with you, it was a drunken husband's jealous rage that brewed til it boiled over with a tragic consequence. Poor Natalie, how she must have lingered so long in that cold dark water, hoping, praying for someone to help.

  10. I agree with deadly husband.

    I was looking over your book reviews and many of the numerous comments left at various reviews. It astounds me how nasty some of those people became. They sicken me. They reek of envy and seem devoid of hearts. Poor Natalie was alive in the ocean fighting for her life and you are the only person who ever cared enough to inform us of details we would never have known for certain, left only to guess at our major suspicions. You are someone to be commended, Marti, and this will probably not be the last time I thank you. I remember you saying at your blog that you like proverbs. Here's one I came across and I hope those senseless people who criticize you can comprehend, but I doubt it.

    The proverb - The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it. Chinese Proverb

    I know you will get justice for Natalie, Marti. I know it with every fiber of my being. Thank you. Keep us posted, please. L

  11. Yes, I agree with the post directly above--all the blame is being placed EXCEPT where it belongs--on a drunken, jealous, irrational fool of a husband. It does not belong on Dennis or Marti for exposing the truth or on Marilyn Wayne for not diving in the water. And Natalie certainly did nothing to deserve her fate.

    This is what people resort to when they are desperate. Attack the messenger, blame the victim, blame everyone else except the person responsible, all because he played a wealthy, charming person on t.v. How shallow and sickening.

    I am going to remember Natalie on her 72nd birthday on Tuesday by watching one of her movies and saying an extra prayer that she is at peace. I think justice will be served for her, in some fashion. I keep thinking of something I read not too long ago--"Not all crimes are punished. But eventually justice is served." Yes, it is. And it will be for her, too.

  12. Well said Marianne.

  13. Hello, Everyone.
    Thanks for all of the comments. I was away for a few days and returned to an indescribable week. My brother Dave underwent triple bypass open-heart surgery Wednesday, and as worried as we all were, we knew he was in good hands at Deborah Hospital. They didn't have to stop his heart as is sometimes necessary: stopping the heart can cause dementia and sometimes personality disorders. Luckily, Dave was extremely healthy and the operation went well and he's doing fine.

    But, while Dave was in surgery, we kept calling my husband's brother Tommy and he wasn't answering his phone. We were a little concerned, then became worried. My husband Bob made a trip to Tommy's place Thursday but it was too late. Tommy was found dead of a heart attack. He was only 51. Needless to say, it's been a horrible week for our family, yet I'm so relieved that my brother Dave is doing well. Another brother-in-law underwent surgery Friday, and he is doing well, too, so we're grateful for that.

    Tommy is being cremated tomorrow. I just wanted to let all of you know why I haven't been on the computer, and I'll be occupied for a few more days ahead. We all go through family trials and tragedies. Losing a loved-one is difficult, and it is so true: you just never know!
    Everything we are dealing with was all health-related, and I just can't implore enough for everyone to never ignore any kind of abnormal symptom you may experience. It could mean the difference between life and death.
    One thing I want to stress: the medical examiner and police involved in helping us with Tommy were thorough, caring, and they did their jobs. They checked Tommy's place to make sure there had been no intruders, and that nothing was out of place. They asked the right questions, and they examined him thoroughly.
    You would think that someone with Natalie's status would have received the same treatment. Dennis knows for a fact that there was virtually NO investigation into Natalie's death beyond a few general questions, thus the proper information could not be forwarded to the coroner's office. Dennis was with Wagner the entire time after Natalie was no longer on the boat with the exception of the hour or so it took for Dennis to identify her body, and then he was taken immediately to Wagner where he stayed for over a year! There was NO proper investigation into Natalie's death! She would have received more justice had she been a regular person in a regular town. Oh how different things were back in 1981 ...

    I'll be posting soon. Again, thank you all for caring.

  14. Marti,
    I'm very sorry for all of your troubles at this time. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon. God Bless you and your family at this trying time. I wish you better days ahead. L

  15. Thank you so much. I will be working on getting everything ready for book distribution this week and will post all details by Friday. Again, thank you all for caring.

  16. I too am sorry to hear about your troubles Marti, things always seem to happen in bunches don't they, I guess thats where the saying,"when it rains, it pours", comes from. Thats good advice about paying attention to health warnings and I think we women need to pay particular attention as well because our symptoms can differ greatly from men. As we all know, tomorrow would have been Natalie's 72nd birthday, I'll probably watch one of her movies, I just happen to have one from Netflix now, "This Property Condemned". Keep fighting the good fight Marti, your a gutsy lady!

  17. Deborah, thanks for all your comments here. To this day I still become so angry and frustrated over the lack of interest from the authorities in the Natalie case. What angers me most is that they KNOW something sinister is involved and still they hide behind that farce of a statement that a full investigation was completed! Wait until you hear about Rasure's new excuse! I give him benefit of age at this point, but his current comments border on crazy. There are so many lies involved in this case, and Dennis Davern is the ONLY ONE telling the truth about what happened the night Natalie ended up in the ocean. Rasure now claims the weekend Natalie died was an actual celebration weekend of her having learned to swim.

    I know. Crazy!

  18. Hi, Marti:

    I was very sorry to hear about your family's troubles. What ordeals to go through, all in less than a week. I hope that your brother continues to get better and that your brother-in-law is at peace. That is far too young to go, much like Natalie.

    I have been thinking a lot about Natalie this weekend, since it's her birthday tomorrow. I wonder what crosses Wagner's mind on such a day?

    Keep up the great work. We all remain staunchly behind you!

  19. Thank you Marianne. It's been a rough week, and I'll be visiting my brother tomorrow and hopefully he should be going home in a few days. I want to be sure to see him more often. He lives about 12 minutes away from me and we don't get together enough, even though he's probably my favorite person ever. You do a lot of thinking when you have a week like we had. It's so eerie that we lost Bob's brother almost identically to how I lost my twin two years ago. They both lived alone and both passed away of heart attacks alone at home and not found for days. We won't ever know the exact day either one of them died as medical examiners use the date of death a person is found, even if they determine that days had passed. It's so sad but, yes, we hope they are both at peace.

    I'm about to post something about Natalie's birthday, I'm not sure what. Even at 72 (young these days!) I picture she would have still been a vibrant woman with eyes still full of her beauty. I would imagine it's still a difficult day for her daughters... such a tragic loss that will bother me terribly until someone in a position of authority agrees to seriously look at her case.