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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wagner called out on Chelsea Handler show "Chelsea Lately"

Chelsea Lately - Starring Chelsea Handler | E! Online

Several people have emailed me to let me know that Natalie Wood was part of a discussion on Chelsea's show. I didn't see it and am trying to look it up online. Apparently, Natalie's name came up and several  comedians were talking about how much they love and admire Natalie. One of the comedians addressed the camera and yelled out, "RJ, you know what you did!!"
Chelsea added that when she read Wagner's book "Pieces of My Heart" she felt that his version of the night Natalie died was BS.

It's about time some celebrities speak up. Last fall, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" made a few suggestive statements about the night Natalie died in one of their scenes. It was PLANNED for "Curb Your Enthusiasm" because I was notified more than a week prior to the show by our publicist that the reference related to "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour."  Now, another comedian called-out RJ on Chelsea's show and hopefully people in the celebrity world will stop feeling too intimidated to talk about the atrocity of Natalie's death.

The comedians on Chelsea's show prove that there are people out there--including those in the celebrity world--who have come to the conclusion that RJ knows more about Natalie's death than he has ever let on. People don't need the influence of GNGS to know that something sinister occurred the night of Natalie's death. It's the circumstances of Natalie's death coupled with RJ's actions that creates doubt and suspicion in people's minds. GNGS only fills in all the blanks and answers the questions of exactly what transpired just before and after Natalie was no longer aboard the Splendour. Dennis Davern's account is the proof and his account was passed on a polygraph test administered by an experienced, certified Polygraphist. Dennis's account makes perfect sense as truth usually does.

Chelsea's show is on E! Channel.


  1. Great to read this! Do you know what Wagner's reaction was?

  2. No, I don't know his reaction but I do know that for several years after Natalie died he lived with a terribly guilty conscience. If Natalie's death had truly been accidental, this man would never have acted the way he did for many years after the tragedy. There's only so much that can fit in a book, but there are so many things I know about that prove he knew more than he ever told.
    I did mention in the book about when Barbara Walters wanted to interview him to talk about Natalie's death about a year after the tragedy, and he told Dennis, "I'll never let that bitch near me, she'd tear me apart and want to know everything."

    Decades later, when he wanted to promote his book, he didn't mind using the View, and it was sickening to watch Walters fawn all over him. Walters brought up Natalie during that interview but stayed within perimeters I'm sure he had set in regards to how far to go.
    A good portion of the media has failed Natalie thus far.

  3. Have you found this episode? It 'disappeared.' I am trying...not even on youtube. Someone should get it on there

  4. Awesome. I like Chelsea Handler's show. Handler is very sharp about seeing through celeb BS. I wish I had seen it, but it is nice just to know they said it ;). I did see the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode and found the exchange hilarious. It was very clearly pointed when they said 'but that was an accident', or whatever. I think there is a certain power in comedy, especially that of the iconoclastic, irreverent variety. I think these comments would make a smart audience, who otherwise know little about the case, not only laugh, but wonder if there might be something to the rumours.

  5. Anyone find the episode? I'm dying to see it!

  6. I'm a Chelsea watcher I'd really like to see that episode or clip where the comedian calls out RJ. I can't find it online, but I'm hoping it's out there somewhere. I guess I wasn't watching that night!

    from KB