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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Natalie Wood's Down Jacket

Since Monday, I have received 3 phone calls, 4 emails, and a copy of a review left by a reader of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour about the information in the People article and about this new book of survival in the ocean.

Archive : People.com

Amazon.com: Not Without Hope (9780061993992): Nick Schuyler, Jere Longman: Books

The article is not up at People Magazine site yet (probably will be available in about a week) but in the March 15th edition there was a story about the 24 year old personal trainer, Nick Schuyler, who on February 28, 2009, with three footbal player friends left for a deep-sea fishing trip.

The anchor of their 21 foot boat got stuck in the Gulf of Mexico, about 70 miles offshore of Florida. Bad weather turned the water from calm to threatening.  Problems with the anchor caused the stern of the boat to sink, water flowed into the boat and the boat capsized. With no way to signal for help, as their cell phones went dead, they swam under the boat to retrieve lifejackets. They had no other supplies, not even water. For most of the dark, cold night, they were thrown from the capsized boat they tried to stay atop of, and spent hours in the cold water. When drifting from the boat, they would swim toward one another's voices.

They talked and thought about their loved ones, wondering if and when they would begin to be missed. They offered moral support to one another as the trying night tested their courage. They were up against every threatening thing such a situation offers: hypothermia, hallucinations, dehydration, rolling waves, and the will to survive. (Just as Natalie Wood had to endure.)

In the People Magazine article, it claims that the reason Nick survived and the others did not survive is because Nick was wearing a down jacket for the duration of his 43-hour ordeal (most of the time spent in the cold water at 64 degrees --The water Natalie was in was said to be approx. 58 degrees). Nick's jacket was an L.L. Bean down jacket, that is said to have been bouyant as well as helped him to retain body heat.

Nick repeatedly tried to climb back atop the capsized boat only to continually be thrust back into the Gulf waters by high waves. The other three who did not survive were wearing lifejackets. Nick only wore the down jacket until the others sadly succumbed at which point he retrieved a life jacket.

Nick's jacket did not weigh him down in water as Coroner Noguchi surmised Natalie's down jacket had done. Nick's jacket helped prevent the effects of hypothermia, and made the difference of life or death.

Natalie's jacket helped her to stay above the water and it helped to insulate her. Had an official call for help been made, Natalie Wood could have been rescued. My down jacket test is more important to this case than many may realize. It eliminates the excuse that there was no hope for Natalie. There was hope, if only action had been taken.

It's never too late for justice: even in celebrity cases

32 years later, these families receive closure on a mystery of how their sons vanished. When new information on ANY death case surfaces, it is the obligation of law enforcement to act upon it. There should be no difference in a celebrity case.

Lee Anthony Evans and Philander Hampton Charged in 1978 Slayings of 5 NJ Teens - AOL News

New Reviews at Amazon for Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour

March has been a very busy month for me and I haven't had much time to post here at the blog, but there has also been a lot of activity for "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour" -- details to come soon. In the meantime, several new reader reviews have been posted at Amazon, and I appreciate the sensitivity, perception, and helpfulness of these new reviewers. Hope you will take a moment to read them. Thank you to all reviewers for taking the time to share your views and opinions. I read them all and I learn from them all.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

ThreeWiseGirls Interview

ThreeWiseGirls on Blog Talk Radio

You can listen to the interview at above link (or click on headline of this post)

Today's interview with Debbie Barth of the "Three Wise Girls" Blog Talk Radio Show went beautifully, due mostly to the professional, informative interviewing technique Debbie Barth used. I was so impressed with her knowledge of this story, her intuitive and fact-based questions, and her willingness to accept the intricate essence of the varied details pertaining to the night Natalie Wood lost her life. Debbie's sensitivity to this story made for a completely comfortable atmosphere for Dennis and myself to explain what needs to be explained. Debbie's questions, by far, are the most "connecting" type questions we ever have been asked, thus, by far, the best interview Dennis and I have yet to experience. We thank Debbie for her efforts, her sensitivity, and we thank her for caring about this story that continues to acquire dedicated concern. Hopefully, professionals will soon begin to care as much.  

ThreeWiseGirls Interview Today at Noon

Don't forget to listen in to the interview with me and Dennis today at noon. You can listen after the show, too, if you miss it live.
ThreeWiseGirls on Blog Talk Radio

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter Robert Wagner Sent To Dennis Davern during his Captain Tenure

This letter was written by Robert Wagner in 1976 and sent to Dennis Davern when the Wagner family had been away in Europe. I know that some people are claiming Dennis was not as close to the Wagner family as he claims. This is not a typical "business letter" Note: it ends with RJ telling Dennis that he looks forward to seeing him and that the family sends their love, especially Natasha.  Typical Employer/Employee correspondence does not include the word "love." Dennis was extremely close to the Wagner family in 1976, two years into his job, and became much closer as the years went by.

Yahoo News: CBS2 KCAL Interview w/Lana Wood (Video)

Sister Sheds New Light On Natalie Wood's Death

TV Guide Coverage

Natalie Wood Case Should Be Reopened, Her Sister Says - Today's News: Our Take | TVGuide.com#comments

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interview with ABC News: Available tomorrow

Dennis Davern and I were interviewed earlier this evening by ABC News. The article will be mentioned on ABC News tomorrow and posted at ABC's website (March 10). This article will provide more information than the  articles currently being re-written from CNN's piece and posted online, as this journalist was thorough with her questions, as was the CNN producer, Rupa. Thank you to both for this opportunity.

CBS asks: Is the Natalie Wood Case a Closed Case or a Cold Case

GNGS has "made the turn"

Natalie Wood Drowning Death, Cold Case or Case Closed? New Push from Star's Family to Re-Open Case - Crimesider - CBS News

Monday, March 8, 2010

Natalie Wood Justice Sought: National Ledger

Thanks to CNN putting this quest for truth in the Natalie Wood Case on their Home Page and Justice Blog, other media are picking up this story.

National Ledger - Sister Wants 'Truth' in Natalie Wood Case Revealed - What Really Happened?

Interview with Marti Rulli & Dennis Davern March 11

Dennis and I will be interviewed on ThreeWIseGirls Blog Talk Radio Thursday, March 11th at Noon. You can download interview if you miss it live. 

ThreeWiseGirls on Blog Talk Radio

Article at PopEater Today: Reopen Natalie Wood Case

Friends, Family Want Natalie Wood's Case Reopened | PopEater.com

PopEater, too, has realized the need to reopen the Natalie Wood Case. Please Sign Petition.
Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition

CNN Justice: Nancy Grace's Cold Cases - Natalie Wood Article

Sister, yacht captain want Natalie Wood case reopened - CNN.com

Article By Rupa Mikkilineni, Nancy Grace producer
Lana Wood says: I just want the truth to come out, the real story ...

In writing this article, Rupa interviewed Dennis Davern, myself, Lana Wood, Detective Rasure, Retired Coast Guard Lieutenant Roger Smith, and Harbormaster Doug Oudin. Nancy Grace is concerned over the many inconsistencies in the Natalie Wood case and has officially listed it in her cold case file.
Please sign the petition so that the authorities might see the need to settle this case satisfactorily once and for all. It's never too late for justice for Natalie Wood. Her death should not remaim shrouded in mystery and questionalble from every angle.
Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ginger Blymyer spent 17 Years with Natalie Wood: Her Review of Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

Following is an Amazon.com review of "Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour" submitted by Natalie Wood's professional hairdresser of 17 years, Ginger Sugar Blymyer. Natalie and Ginger were close, and that seems to bother several other reviewers tremendously. Therefore, the comments at Ginger's review multiply daily and now almost outnumber the amount of actual reviews. If you purchase or purchased GNGS at Amazon, I would be honored to see your honest review placed there, too. Thank you to all reviewers.

Link for Ginger's review:
Amazon.com: Ginger Sugar Blymyer's review of Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour

Link for Ginger's interesting book:
Amazon.com: Hairdresser to the Stars: A Hollywood Memoir (9780741408990): Ginger Sugar Blymyer: Books

The Review:

Give Natalie her Dignity. I believe Dennis., February 26, 2010

By Ginger Sugar Blymyer (Hermosa Beach, California) - See all my reviews

First of all let me say I was Natalie Woods Hairstylist for seventeen years and knew her very well. I was not with her the last three years of her life and was utterly shocked at what happened. Or what was said to have happened to her. Because I was not there I had to believe what was written. I thought she was drinking too much and fell. I surmised that being drunk Wagner and Dennis just stayed in a fog and let her drown or drift away. It made it sound good for Wagner but leaving Natalie as a drunk.

It took me a long time to read Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour. I don't know why but it did. Once I opened the book I couldn't stop reading. Now remember I was there so much of the time, not on the boat but other places. I began to read and the truth rang out. Dennis's description of his lifeHairdresser to the Stars: A Hollywood Memoir around Natalie was so real and true. It brought back so many years of my life. (I am now 75)

The last conversation while working on Eva Ryker, was so intimate and truthful. Both Natalie and I were suffering our husband's drinking problems. She also was at a turning point in her life. It was time to go out in new directions. At that time people didn't take their children with them to work. Natalie loved her girls and had agreed to be there for them. We even stopped by school to see them in a play.

Three years later she was gone. Reading this book I could understand that the things I sensed in my last conversation had propelled her to a need for change.

I believe what Dennis has described about the weekend. I believe that working with C.W. she became inspired and probably had a buddy who was coaxing her toward her growth while RJ was wanting her under his thumb. How could she break the perfect couple again. I have a feeling that weekend she was tired of the accusations of infideliety. I never saw that in all the time I worked with her. Granted we all were close and intimate on a set. We spent more time together than with our families or mates. But that didn't mean sleeping with each other.

So that weekend it seemed she needed to make a break and meant to have it happen. She didn't care about really making peace. I believe the fight, but the fight should never have ended with bruises on her body and her going overboard. She was so tiny. It is so sad to think of that beautiful little body covered in bruises. I can never imagine her taking out the boat. I do believe what happened is that she went overboard not of her own accord and nobody went to rescue her, just let her float away and drown. I cannot forgive Wagner for that. I do feel sad that her daughters have to understand what happened to their mother, but they were robbed of their life with her. I do believe it is not fair to characterize her as a drunk who fell into the ocean.

It is time to give her back her dignity. I don't know what will come of the truth being told now. But I hope that every person who has asked me "what happened?" as so many do, all the time if they know I worked with her, will read this and perhaps the truth will come to the surface. Thanks Marti Rulli and Dennis for finally bringing the truth to us.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Debbie Barth to Interview about Goodbye Natalie Goodbye Splendour

This Really Is Debbie Barth: Goodbye Natalie-Goodbye Splendour

Debbie Barth will be the lead interviewer on Thursday, March 11th at noon, on the ThreeWiseGirls Blog Talk Radio show Dennis Davern and I will be guests on. Here is Debbie's promo page for the show. I hope you will listen. If not, you may download the show afterward.

Monday, March 1, 2010

ThreeWiseGirls Blogtalkradio Reminder

Dennis Davern and I will be guests on Thursday, March 11 at Noon on the ThreeWiseGirls's BlogtalkRadio Show. If you cannot listen that day, you can download the interview afterward.
ThreeWiseGirls on Blog Talk Radio

Splendour's Enclosed Bridge

This a photo taken on a sharp angle of a side wall of the wheelhouse bridge. To the side, the drop to the water is about 12 to 15 feet. This is the bridge Dennis stayed in to wait out the argument on the back deck below. He turned on music and would not have been able to hear any cries from the water. This photo was taken while Dennis was preparing the yacht (and bridge) for the off-season one year of his employmanship as Splendour Captain. I've posted it to show the distance from the bridge to the water. Natalie left the yacht from the back deck which was very close to the water. 

Promo photo of Natalie & RJ

Natalie gave and signed this publicity photo to Dennis's brother, Paul Davern, when he lived in L.A. and worked with Dennis at the Marina.

Splendour Main Salon

This is one side of the settees in the Splendour's Main Salon.

Tabloid blurb, Nov. 1982

This was published in a tabloid about a year after Natalie Wood died. The media wanted to know why Dennis Davern, former Splendour Captain, had become a General-extra actor on Hart to Hart.

Dennis and Natalie in the Wheelhouse

Natalie and RJ in the Wheelhouse