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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Five Years in a Row!

My favorite Cliff Lee catch - the nonchalant pop up catch in the 2009 World Series against the Yankees.

Roy Halladay pitched a no-hitter in the 2010 playoffs, but they didn't get to the big show.
Philadelphia Phillies are National League East Division Champions!

They did it tonight! I'm NOT jinxing them, I'm just CONGRATULATING them -- baseball fans will understand :-)
I'm just a fan who loves baseball, loves the Phils, always have, always will, and this has been such an interesting season. I admire lots of teams (National and American) but I'm a dedicated Phils fan who simply is so happy for them tonight.

I know it's not over, but we're happy to have Hunter Pence (from the Astros) now going into his first post-season experience with the Phils (what a unique player!). And, the luckiest thing of all was when we got Cliff Lee back last December, who is in the running for the Cy Young award this year, along with Halladay, too, two Phillies star pitchers.

It's just so relaxing to kickback on hectic or trying days to watch a good baseball game, and even better on a good day! Whatever teams make to the series, I'll be watching. And, I love the line: PLAY BALL!


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