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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Petition gets submitted next week!

Whenever Dennis and I are interviewed, we are asked the same opening question virtually every time. I've been defining my usual answer to the going question "Why 30 years later?"

Although I've tried for over 27 years to get the right people to listen, the reason Natalie's death is still important 30 years later is obvious: there was never a proper investigation. So, I intend to answer that question with a bit more clarity in future interviews, and yes, although I believe the petition is about the importance of justice, there's something more to it regarding Natalie's case.

Everyone deserves justice in death, especially in a suspicious scenario such as Natalie's, but it was her very celebrity and character in life that dealt her a bad hand for justice--almost as if nothing sinister could be involved for Natalie in death.

The sheriff's department didn't want a media frenzy, and the media didn't want a botched case, so dynamics and egos were involved that might not have existed had Natalie been a Jane Doe from Anywhere, USA.
A Jane Doe might've received more justice because the separate departments and media might not have clashed in a hurry to close the case, thus the questions. They certainly underestimated the legendy character already established in Natalie. Natalie transcended "Hollywood." They also underestimated the character of many people in the public--people who will not tolerate botched cases--people who expect our justice system to perform within the letter of the law. Flying the two surviving celebrities home immediately was not within the letter of the law. The celebrity involved obviously clouded the judgments of investigators.

Natalie Wood will be seen as long as there is electricity! Natalie made several CLASSIC movies. She is at the heart of our ever defining Hollywood. Is there a high school in America whose drama department hasn't produced West Side Story? If there is, they'll get to it one day. People will be watching Natalie Wood movies until our world is in the dark.

Therefore, any person of that stature especially deserves to be known in death in the ceermonious manner she was known in LIFE. Natalie was a good-hearted person, and yes, she may have been the first to say, "I'm no different than any other person" but Natalie was different in ways we appreciate. Therefore, she should be remembererd with TRUTH as well as with JUSTICE. She did not "get drunk and fall off a boat" and no one, especially her former husband, should be swaying the thinking with statements such as, "When she left us...." or "We think she was trying to quiet a dinghy..."

THERE WAS NO BANGING DINGHY and Natalie didn't "leave anyone."

She is with us forever through her heartfelt work, and the last place she wanted to be on the last night of her life was on an open deck near the water she feared her entire life. She was going to bed, angry, yes, because her husband had just smashed a wine bottle in her co-star's face while screaming accusations, but there was still only one place Natalie had her sights on that night, and that was a warm bed, safe in her stateroom aboard her yacht. Instead, she suffered for her existence in the cold ocean currents, and HER HUSBAND made sure no one went looking for her in a timely, urgent search.

Natalie's death is one of the most tragic and terrifying on record, and was swept under the celebrity rug of privilege most likely because everyone felt, "No one would ever harm, let alone kill, Natalie Wood." 

Petition Signer #768 says it all:

I suspect you are already aware of the glaring discrepancies in this case. Perhaps you feel past mistakes don't impact on the LACSD today. You would be mistaken. People want to know that loved ones counted for something and got every measure of justice they were due. If it happened yesterday or 30 years ago we need to know that justice matters to the LACSD and the pursuit of it transcends timelines. Ms. Wood deserves that. We all do. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". MLK JR

Reopen Investigation of Natalie Wood's death Petition

Please sign!


  1. Marti, you wrote a very powerful write-up, to me it states it all. I thank you from my heart. Pam

  2. I've spoken to everyone I can about Natalie's death. They can't understand why I'm so exacerbated over this tragedy. But as some I've spoken to come to realize the injustice, they too, realize that this is simply WRONG. I pray that justice will finally prevail for Natalie Wood. Gone waaay too soon! Those who are responsible, and to me, there is only ONE PERSON who is, may he be brought to justice. May he pay for dumping her over the side of that boat. May he have to sit the rest of his life in jail and ponder the reason. I totally support you, Marti and your friend Dennis. Your long journey to get this out into VIEW for all to see has been difficult, I know. But your trials and bumps will pay off, when we get this case re-opened. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.....jules

  3. Hi, Marti:

    Isn't it telling how Wagner chooses his words? I've mentioned this before, but I think it bears repeating after what you posted. There is often a kernel of truth in Wagner's words, buried among the web of lies. He gives SOME things away.

    "When she left us..." How many times has he said that? It's carefully crafted. Yes, she was leaving...HIM. "Us" is standing in for "me" in that sentence. Natalie very likely told him in that argument in the stateroom that she'd finally had enough. She was OUT of there. She had already told Dennis the night before that she was tired of Wagner's act, especially his drinking, and that was all BEFORE the horrendous scene on Saturday. Natalie's saying she would leave just made him more furious. And he killed her for it.

    In his piece-of-rubbish book, Wagner admitted that he was responsible for her death. Again--a kernel of truth comes out. Of course, he is vague and does not say HOW or WHY he is responsible. But that allowed him some measure of relief in "confessing" while still appearing the grieving, confused widower.

    Yes, as we all know, he was so grieving that he went gallivanting on Valentine's Day, 1982, with St. John. An innocent person does not do and say the things that he has done for 30 YEARS.